Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday #2

Holy Moses it is already the middle of January, who told 2014 it could go by so quickly??
Well, despite 2014s quick start I am so happy to see so many of you sticking to your goals and resolutions. I know I didn't last long on a few but have really stuck to a couple pretty good. 

But really the biggest thing for me this year is to continue to teach myself to be thankful. 
I hope you join me in this project, a couple of you have and I LOVE seeing the different daily blessings from each of you :) 

Now that this is the first week where others have joined in the project I thought we could start doing some round ups. So first this is what I've been learning from the Thankful Project this week: 

1. Being productive is inspiring. Cheesy yes. But man getting up and doing things like cleaning the house, getting dinner ready really makes the whole day seem worth it some times. Thankful for the ability to have time to do this.
2. I worked in my studio/shop a lot this week. Not only did I FINALLY get it organized but I realized that I've been so blessed with each tool in there. I've worked really hard to purchase a few but most of them are hand-me-downs and that is HUGE. So thankful for those tools. 
3. Again, working in the studio/shop I was thinking about how God blesses us with the small things so we can appreciate what He hands us later. Working on a refurb project was so frustrating not having the tool I wanted. But I realized the tool I was using, and my little studio space is just the first small step in God trusting me. Thankful for His goodness! 

Here are a few posts from some of you fabulous peeps joining me in this journey!

4. Alecia has a goal to visit each and every state park in South Carolina. (talk about a rad goal right?!) She has shared loads of pictures from her visits and they are all stunning!
5. Stephanie was super appreciative of the small things (like rain) that may be annoying but when you really stop are so important to our life.
6. Sara joined us and shared the perfect quote for this project:
"You can rewire your brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things
you're grateful for every day for 21 days" 

I love that she shared this because that is EXACTLY what I am hoping to do. I want to rewire my way of thinking to be a constant feed of nothing but thankful thoughts :) 

Now join me this week by linking up to the Instagram Hop below! This way you can follow and get inspired by some of the other peeps involved with the Thankful Project. Instagram is a great tool to use in building inspiration and friendships and I hope you all decide to get to know each other while "rewiring" your brain to be a little more thankful these days :)

PS> don't forget to use #KTAthankful so we can see what you are up to! 

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