Thursday, January 16, 2014

I tried to make curtains once...

Friday Friday Fridayyyyyy! In just a few days my brother and sister in law are coming to visit and bringing the most precious nephew in the whole world. I'm a bit excited!

So, of course visitors mean I'm spending my time trying to get all my little projects finished. Yep that means, all those half done things that I've been living with "until I get around to them" need to at least be looked at :)

Well, I made this "curtain", if you even wanna call it that, back in August I think. I just used no-sew tape, a drop cloth, and acrylic paint. Well, I would show you a tutorial but as you can see it hasn't held up very well...

I'm guessing no sew tape doesn't go well with yanking, or cold temperatures. Just recently, right after that arctic blast, the curtain decided to just fall apart. You could tell from the beginning that I didn't really "take my time" and do it correctly that seam was pretty wonky, and you can still see pencil marks from my sketch.

I like the idea behind the curtain so maybe this isn't a complete fail. I can probably salvage it with adding some weight to it with lining and I've got a sewing machine so I will be able actually sew it this time! Maybe ironing will help some too :)

Also, I felt a bit guilting for how "good" this part of our bedroom looked. It doesn't always look this way. Actually it hasn't ever looked this way until just now :) I've still got LOTS  to do to our bedroom as far as figuring out storage. Here is a picture of everything that usually sits below the window...

Yes that is a laundry hamper with clothes piled on top. Boots. Jackets. Bathrobes. Boot dryer. Space heater. Ya know, the works :)

Maybe one day I will get around to all these little half done projects. Sometimes it blows my mind that I can stay at home all the time and there are still projects like this in every room. I mean seriously, what do I do with my time?!

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  1. I feel your pain on unfinished projects throughout the house! I have SO many it's sad... You are right about your curtain- it's definitely not a complete fail. It will be really cute when it's fixed :)!


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