Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wishful Wednesday #2

Ohhhhh I love having an excuse to shop around ETSY :)
I am so NOT a shopper but as far as handmade goodies I have to really hold myself back some times.

This week for Wishful Wednesday I apparently fell in love with prints. So here are 3 different things that if I had all the money in the world I would own already. Don't forget to check out the shops cause they have some awesome stuff and I'm sure they would love to see your face!

First up are these Screen Printed Flower SackTea Towels by CoryanneEttiene. Aren't these just super fun! We really need some new kitchen linens and I think these are perfect with the simplistic design and catchy little phrases. I couldn't pick a favorite so I shared all four.

Next is this totally precious Squirrel Pillow! I was searching for unique pillows to add out on the porch and this little guy popped up by Out Of Line Press. Her shop has loads of cute creatures gracing everything from pillows to book bags.

And finally is this Southwest Tote Bag. I mean literally I've been drooling over this for at least a year. I don't usually like bags but goodness me I would LOVE to get my hands on this one.

ETSY is such a unique site. I mean I can find anything my heart ever desired on there. Well maybe not but I sure can find almost all of it and usually find things I didn't even know I wanted too! Not only is it awesome stuff but usually you are helping somebody out by purchasing their product. I know for me each time my phone "Ka-chinges" (yes I have the money sound as my ETSY alert, don't judge) I get unbelievably excited! Not just because I get some jingle in my pocket but because it allows me to pursue new projects, help take my family on adventures, and yes sometimes I use it for food too :)

It is just so fulfilling to know that someone else out there in the universe finds your handiwork worth something. I can make all the projects my little heart desired but if I wasn't giving my talents to others I don't think I would enjoy it as much.

So this week for my personal ETSY shop I wanted to share my simply rustic table lamp. I haven't sold many of these yet but I have one that I use by my bed and I've given a larger version as a gift. I think the simplicity of the wood speaks for itself and allows you to accent your decor by adding a simple statement with this lamp.

I really enjoy making these too. As much as I like painting these are a bit more "hands on." They involve some cutting, drilling, wiring and a bit more, so it is something totally different than what I typically do and that is so fun to me :)

You can get yourself one of these lamps for just $30 plus $10 shipping and the dimensions of the lamp are as follows: 16 3/4in T x 9 3/4 in W x 4 in D. Not to big and not too small, justttt right :) 

I would greatly appreciate you checking out all these shops! I'm sure that each one of the owners would be happy to see you and talk to you about any questions you may have. Now go on and search ETSY for your unknown dream items too! 

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