Friday, May 15, 2015

How to Love a Creative Person Well

As an artist I've realized that sometimes my love language is a little hard for others to understand. Thankfully I come from a family that most of us are very creative so my creative side was nurtured and loved growing up. College was an amazing time because I was surrounded by artists that knew exactly when to critique and when to inspire me. It was such a high to be surrounded by people that really understood me for 4 years! Once I got married I realized that not everyone really understands art, not only art they don't understand how to love the artist. My husband has learned so much and is great at understanding how loving me also means loving me as an artist.

I thought I would share somethings that I've had to let my husband in on when it comes to loving a creative person. So here are 5 quick tips on how to love the creative person in your life well!

1. Remind them you see what makes them unique.
This may seem like a no brainer, but as a creative person we are pretty aware of what makes us different than others and that is something we love. We strive to have our own style that allows us to stand out as who we really are. Even just little compliments mean so much, (same goes for all ladies, creative or not!). It can be about their personal style, artistic style, their creative mind, anything! Just be aware of the unique qualities and appreciate them!! (My husband loves my sketch books. He respects them and had to learned  not to write in them with out asking, but constantly tells me he loves watching me walk around Lowes with my pencil and sketchbook.)

2. Allow them creative space.
If a creative person doesn't feel like they have a place to create it can be so stifling. It doesn't have to be an entire studio but having a space that expresses their style and inspires them to work is key! I work very differently then my husband and I can't handle when he comes in and moves things around. But when I'm in my own space I can pick up a project instantly. I have a guest bedroom turned studio with all my supplies visible, it's where most of my ideas happen :)

3. Understand their creative cycle. Creativity has a lot of steps and it starts over with each project. So being aware of this can help you encourage them through out each phase.

  • It can start with totally inspired bliss, being pumped and ready to get started on your newest idea. When your creative love is in this state don't stop them!! They need you to be excited too :) 
  • Once we get working and thinking, so many times we will feel like a failure. Like our ideas are stupid and we will beg you to agree. ( I do this too much, luckily Reed has learned it's a trap!!). Best thing to help them out of this funk is to get them brainstorming, get them thinking about how they can make their original plan a success! 
  • After the plan has been re-thought we want to do it all on our own. No help, I've got this and I can prove to you that it was a good idea! Give them a second to get it done.
  • Ecstatic finish! We just wanna shout to the roof top that we finished this project and wanna talk about it. TALK TO THEM! Step back and enjoy hearing them explain every detail they love and how they would improve it next time. 
4. Their work is always personal. Remember that even if you don't think a comment is a big deal, to them it is a statement about them personally. I've had negative comments from strangers make me feel like such a failure, but having someone at home that knows my strengths and can point them out keeps me from feeling like a failure. 

5. Always be willing to day dream with them! Creative people never stop thinking, and most of what they are thinking isn't about stuff that is physical. It's about a future project, a new design, a beautiful new house, a romantic trip. Anything that allows them to escape where they are. The BEST way to support a creative person is to take these day dream trips with them. Feed their soul by sitting and day dreaming every once in a while. 

Remembering these few little things can be huge in supporting the very unique and creative side of your special someone. None of these are huge or ground breaking, but can mean so much. I love feeling like my husband understands my creative side, it makes me happy to have him be apart of that part of my life :)

To all you creative people, your love language is as unique as you are! Help your other half realize how to support you, it will be amazing how having someone in your creative mind with you will help your process grow!

Did I miss anything?? I know I have a lot of creative people here, how do you feel most loved??

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  1. You nailed it! :) Kindred spirits think alike! :) Happy Painting Friend! ♡

  2. I am visiting after @a_beautifulnest showcased your post on instagram.

    I am a creative person married to a professional artist. Our home is art gallery and his studio was built onto our home. There is always something crazy going on. We understand each other (45 years together), but the people who don't get it are our two kids. They are both extremely artistic and creative, but are not pursuing those talents at the moment. They don't get that we are content to create all day long interspersed with long walks on the beach.

    1. It does take a special person to understand a creative! But if we know how to help them understand it can be great :) I bet it is so fun to have a partner that totally gets the creative process with you! My husband is an avid outdoorsman and manages a 5,ooo acre ranch so he is slowly learning what it means to be create ;)


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