Friday, May 13, 2016

It is Okay to be a Dreamer!

Ya know what? I feel good.

Like really, God has brought me to a place of overflowing peace, joy, and anticipation for His plan.
Never would I ever have thought I would say "I'm not sure what the future holds, but I know it is going to be for good, and I can't wait to see it". Nope just a year ago, maybe even less than that, I would have been freaking out that I'm not sure exactly what my plan is. I used to have a planned out life and if something put a hiccup in that plan I would loose it. I would feel like my world was falling apart, like God left me and didn't care about my wants and dreams. I would get mad at Reed and say not so uplifting things to him.

But something has happened in this past year. I have learned to go to God with the plans and dreams. To include Him in these crazy ideas. To talk to HIM about it instead of only my closest friends. I would ask Him for advice, wisdom, peace, and for Him to lead me through it.

I think this all happened when I finally realized it was okay, it is a GOOD thing to take these thoughts to Him. As a dreamer I think I so often felt like my dreams were to big, bold, not realistic. So why should I be able to take them to God, he would think I was crazy! This realization came after a friend recommended  the book The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. This book seriously changed how I speak to my heavenly father.

In the book Mark shares how having big dreams, bold prayers, and unrealistic plans is a way we can honor God. These things can allow our faith to grow in Him because we are no longer putting our worldly limitations on a God that is out of this world! God has a reality that is so different than ours, I mean would you ever say it was realistic for Him to raise his son from the dead? NO! That is crazy, we have no explanation other than GOD IS BIG!

God is sovereign, and as humans we can't pretend to know His plans. But we can ask him for direction on all things. We can ask for the desires he has laid on our hearts. Even if he doesn't give us that dream, learning to talk to him in a candid way like we would our earthly family and friends takes us to a newer deeper level. He wants us to confide all things in him, big or small, realistic or unrealistic. HE CAN DO ALL THINGS!

So, at this point in my life. In my marriage, my career, and my day dreams I don't know what the future looks like. But I know I can talk to my God about it all I want. I can share my crazy dream for a new home, or my thoughts about my art. I can ask Him for the desires of my heart and be confident that He knows me. He knows what is best, he knows our next step, he is going to direct me to the best place, and ultimately He has gone before me and anything I come against he has already directed my path.

 So hiccups or not my dreams are in Gods hands!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finding Yourself In The Paint

Have you ever struggled to find yourself? Like to feel confident in your decisions about life? Not that you aren't happy, but just feeling a little awkward teenager-ish??

I was just walking through that stage. I was feelin real awkward, like one day I was a prep, the next day I was country, next day I was goth. Ya know one of those girls that tries out a million different styles because she can't quite figure out where she fits in. Except I wasn't doing it with clothes. I was struggling to find how to express myself through art.

As I have said here MANY many times, I am extremely blessed to have a creative family, my grandmother paints, my aunt is an artist, my mom and other aunt can make junk from the side of the road look like a million bucks. Basically, I was born to be creative. So I tried out a lot. I tried painting furniture, making furniture, water color, acrylic, oil and on and on. I liked them all. I just didn't feel like I was expressing "ME".

Art is a form of expression. Just like some people express themselves through music, writing or speaking. Creating is a gift from God that allows you to express yourself and your story in a unique way, and I don't want to waist that! I want to find how to express myself and my God story through creating. Gah it was such a struggle. Was I doing certain things because I saw other artists be successful with them, or was I doing that because that truly felt natural to me? Did I feel like it was MY story or was I just trying to tell a story someone was interested in...


After talking to an artist I have learned to really love and admired, she told me to put challenges in place. Put restrictions on my paintings. It could be certain sizes, or colors, but these restrictions would allow me to see similarities that are unique to me that I may have missed in the chaos of creating. And ya know, what I did.

I found that I love vibrant colors, buttery strokes, and southern subject matter. When I stepped back and saw how all of these things ran through each piece I created I realized I truly did find myself in the paint!

(find these paintings and more on my website
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Not Losing Your Dreams

So, long time no blog right?! OOPs :)

Well, I have made a goal for myself to start blogging, just writing once a week. I am not sure what I will be sharing, just life. For me that means sharing my faith, things I am learning in my marriage, and of course my creative dreams.

There are plenty of DIY blogs, cooking blogs, and even artists teaching their skills. I don't want to be "competitive" with them. I just want to get back to writing because I always feel better after "talking it out".

I hope you find my ramblings to be something that inspires you to follow your dreams and share your faith.

First up, I will just give ya a little recap of my life since about a year ago.

April 2015 I started as gallery manager for Sozo Gallery in Charlotte, NC.

June 2015 Reed and I started to help build NewSpring Church in Rockhill, SC. We LOVE the community we have gained and can't believe we did life for so long with out it! We started meeting in a living room, then moved to 2 houses, took a big leap to meet in a CrossFit gym, and are now meeting in a local school with the average attendance hovering around 300 people and growing! Our minds are completely blown at how God has shown up!

August 2015 I rebranded myself and got a fabo new logo. I mean I love it like times a million.

October 2015 Reed and I finally took a step of faith and lead a group of 8 friends to Nicaragua for a missions trip to our parents pineapple farm. It was a HUGE learning experience and something that we both want to continue to do in the future. Sharing our faith, and love of Nicaragua is something God has put on our hearts and we don't plan to ignore it :)

March 2016 I decided I wanted to take another step towards my dream of selling my artwork. I did a lot of soul searching, spoke with mentors, and finally, started to find myself in the paint. I then created a few pieces that my heart skipped a beat for and launched my online studio and had my first sale in less than two days!

Now I am about to celebrate 1 year at Sozo, start our 2nd year in NewSpring RockHill, and start our 4th year in York, SC! To say that God has been a good good father is an understatement. He brought Reed and I to a place of overflowing joy in every aspect of our lives and I couldn't be happier for how we got here. GOD IS GOOD!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Christmas In The Community & Building the Church!

So, you are probably wondering why my first post in over 6 months is about Christmas, and Christmas has already past... I know, I'm feeling the same way. 

Back in November I was contacted by Christmas Tree Market to pick out one of their trees to decorate for a local organization. At first I didn't think I knew an organization that needed me to do that. During this same time I was helping build my local church in Rock Hill SC. Reed and I had been involved for a while but with Christmas coming closer we were both realizing that some of our talents could be used in ways that were really needed to reach others far from Christ. 

Right now our Church is less than a year old and we see an average of just over 200 people each week. We have started meeting in a CrossFit Gym which means Sunday mornings start early with a load in crew. So during the Christmas season we really grew closer as a church as we spent so many early mornings prepping the space to transform from a gym to a cozy and welcoming winter wonderland. 

We chose the 7.5 ft Fraser Fir  for our tree. Because of our load in load out situation needed the tree to be easy to put together, but still look like a million bucks! This tree was PERFECT! It came in 3  pre-lit sections and a base. And it even fit nicely back in the box with out much fuss :)

We had so much fun setting up and decorating each week. We hosted over 300 people and created so many fun memories!! Thank you for giving us the tools to create a fabulous space, Christmas Tree Market!!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

The Best Gift

See this??

 Yep, it is the motorcycle Reed and I got engaged on, left our wedding on, and then sold 2 years ago. But guess what?! WE GOT IT BACK!

Yep. After years of dreaming, and many failed attempts to save the funds up I was able to purchase this beauty back and surprise him with it on our 3 year wedding anniversary.

After this I had so many people say “you are a keeper”, or “best wife ever” and Reed even said he could never get me something as good as that. But ultimately that wasn’t my goal. I wasn’t trying to win a battle of gift giving, or the best wife award, or have the coolest pictures on social media (even though I do because my super awesome and talented friend Mary, of Mary DeCrescenzio Photography, made sure we captured this moment for all time).

My goal was to love my husband well. Show him that I see those long hours, I see that sometimes he feels like he works all the time and never gets time to just do what he wants. I see that. I see him agonize over being able to put gas in the boat to go fish or go out for a quick bite at the Mexican restaurant. I saw him sacrifice his wants for me and our family for over 2 years. I knew he wanted to give me more, he would tell me constantly that he was sorry he couldn’t just let me go out and get the shoes I wanted. But each month he took me out for a fun dinner, I got to buy fun little pieces for my wardrobe or save funds for a trip with friends. He made sure that even when he wasn’t getting what he wanted all the time that I was feeling loved and supported.

During that time, when he was so selflessly giving to me, I didn’t have a job. I tried, and my pride always got in my way but Reed would remind me not to worry. We would figure it out. He would tell me not to get a job just for the money, he had our needs taken care of. I could do what I felt I needed to do, even if that was wait for my dream.

So when the time finally came that our budget grew, that my dream job came true, I knew I had to let him know I saw all his sacrifice. That is what this was about.

That my husband acted out the love of Christ for me for 2 years. He put me first. He lead our family the way we needed to go, even when it was hard. I wanted to give him something to love him well and let him know that HE gave ME the best gift. So no everyone, I am not the best wife ever; Reed is the best husband ever and I am just saying thank you.  

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PS> if you need some awesome photography for your fam and you are in SC go check out Mary and her photography blog! She is so talented and a blessing of a friend :) 

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Studio Fall Opening

Last weekend started the Fall Season at The Studio and I couldn't be more excited to see how much we grow. We are almost at the anniversary of The Studio dream. Well, I guess not the dream but the drive to make the dream a reality! I opened for the first time at the end of October 2014, Summer Fest of 2014 is what gave me the push I needed to sell my art in a shop setting. And once again, Summer Fest was successful this year and I think we will be seeing many more faces come through the doors!


To recap for those of you new to The Studio. 
We are a seasonal shop located in York, South Carolina on the Flying King Ranch. Nestled back behind the iconic white farm house we fill our walls with regional artists, including artists from Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. (If you are an artist and want to be featured in The Studio, please feel free to email me with examples of your work!  As a seasonal shop we are only open at select times of the year. The holiday season (Nov/Dec), Spring (May), Fall (August/Sept) with these openings we change out our inventory to keep things fresh and ready for you to find that perfect gift.

Right now I am featuring 11 artists all who have unique styles and products.

Annie Broom: Fort Mill, SC
Annie Broom makes beautiful, bright and southern, monogrammed products. In The Studio, we feature her Mason Jar Tumblers, Burp Cloths, and little girl Bows.

Anvil Artistry: Columbia, SC
Anvil Artistry is a metal shop the produces hand forged items for the home. Beautiful yard art or a small key chain, you can can find something for any price and any space!

Bangles n' Baubles: Rock Hill, SC
Bangles n' Baubles is a fun jewelry vendor who has many designs to choose from. Stack her baubles or wear a bold pair of her earrings, either way someone is sure to compliment you :)

Clothed In Hope: Columbia, SC
Clothed In Hope is a unique vendor. They are an organization that works with women in Zambia to produce hand sewn products. Each purchase of a Clothed In Hope item provides education and opportunity for a Zambian woman to join a skills training program that will help them provide for their family.

Dave Armistead: Atlanta, GA 
Dave is a custom fabrication wood worker who uses sleek design to create his home decor items. His biggest hit at The Studio are his wine stands that seem to defy gravity!!

Eileen & Emily: Atlanta, GA
This mother daughter team comes up with the most precious little gifts! They have all kinds of stuffed animals for your little one to hold. And that football hat? I mean PERFECT for this time of year!!

Debbie Smith: Columbia, SC
Debbie Smith is a potter that creates pieces with a one of a kind flare. Each of her works have a body and feel of their own. Her bud vases, and french butter bells are some of our favorites.

Grace Langdon Art: York, SC
Grace Langdon Art (thats me!!) is a home decor vendor that produces custom furniture, lighting, and original works of art. The biggest seller from this vendor are the hand painted tin signs. The tin is harvest from York and Columbia South Carolina so many people feel a fun connection with the piece.

Mowgli & Baloo: Charlotte, NC
Mowgli & Baloo is a unique boutique that offers stunning art on wood panels. Not only do they produce art for your walls but they also offer totally one of a kind corn hole sets!! I have never seen a yard game more beautiful  than these :)

NTN Primitive Wood Works: Columbia, SC
Nate at NTN Primitive has a great eye for salvaging history. He turns tattered and old items in to unique pieces for your home. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that tells a story, NTN Primitive is your place!

Penny Pottery: Prosperity, SC
Penny Pottery has a unique term for her work. Clay as canvas is what she uses to describe her bowls, vases, and so much more. Each of the items are handmade by Penny, fired, then painted. Her stunning and whimsical florals make my heart happy!

If you see anything that interests you please feel free to leave a comment below or email me ( We would all love you to come in and check out The Studio for yourself we are open for the Fall Season 
Every Saturday in September 
10 am to 2 pm 
1546 Chester Hwy
York, SC 29745
The Studio is my happy place. Seriously a dream come true and I am so blessed by it's growth and hope I can continue to provide a place for artists to sell their goods!
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