Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thankful Thursday (Polar Vortex edition!)

I don't know about y'all but here in the South we got hit with some "crazy" weather. Ya know some ice and about an inch or more of snow :) It was so great to see the beauty of the snow but to be honest we don't do winter weather well in the south. I'm kinda ready for the temp to come back up but am thankful for that crunch of the snow too! 

Now if you are just joining me the Thankful Project is something I've been doing myself for over a year now. Basically I realized that I wasn't appreciating the blessings in life and I wanted my heart to see all that was surrounding me. This project is a daily deal for me. I look for something every day, big or small, that I don't typically appreciate. Sometimes it is something simple like hot water, and other days its more elaborate like a new tool/toy/clothes. 

I started this project as something I wanted to include you all in this year. I would love for you to join me in noticing more of the blessings poured out each day. I've chosen Instagram as my place to share my blessings and created the hashtag KTAthankful. You can join me anyway you like, social media or not! 

So real quickly here are some of my blessings this week! 
1. A beautifully snow covered yard and the cutest little studio any artist would be proud to own :) 
2. My favorite little puppy and our fun jackets playing in the snow. 
3. The chance to play with a new medium, and take another "business venture"!! (Come check out a new jewelry line I'm part of, Bohemian-ish
4. Breaking out the welder and teaching the hubs how it's done! 

This week was super fun, so much has happened and it was all so unique and made me realized how blessed I am to be a creative person! 

Come share what you where blessed with this week! Link up your Instagram, or any social media that you are sharing your version of the Thankful Project!! 

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