Thursday, January 30, 2014

Project upon project, adventure upon adventure

I'm a bit exhausted from all the crazy. whew.

I tend to tire myself out a good bit. I don't "technically" have a job, I don't go to the gym, some days I don't even leave the house, and Lord knows I'm not a clean freak who spends hours ever day cleaning. So why in the world do I feel like I'm going non-stop??

Well I've decided that because I don't HAVE to do anything I tend to take on a lot of projects. I make list upon list upon list, never really finishing any of them. I'm productive, but I've decided my creative brain has gone crazy with no "real structor" and it is on over drive all-the-time. I mean at the moment I have 2 ETSY shops? Why might you ask, oh well because I've had one for a while and I really like everything in it and the other was a new project I thought I could take on with my cousin.

I love them both and I'm totally gonna pursue both hardcore because how rad would it be if instead of having to go to work every day some place that didn't really feed my creative side, I could just wake up put on some leggings and fun boots to head out to my studio for some painting, jewelry making, blog writing, ya know what ever fit my fancy for the day. swooooon.

All this to say, here is an introduction of ANOTHER, yes another, project that will hopefully be semi-long term :)

So, Bohemian-ish was inspired by 1. both of our bohemian/eclectic styles. We enjoy being bright, bold, different, and showing our creative side through what we wear 2. the childrens book "ish" by Peter H. Reynolds. If you haven't read it, do it now! Here is a video link to a reading of it (link)

Basically we wanted to be free to be who we are and remind the world that it is ok to be a mix of styles, or no set style at all! Just be ish!!

What we are planning on doing is to have different lines of jewelry. So far we have 1 line called "Forever-ish". Hopefully these 4 designs will be our go to designs and something that everyone can relate to. But we plan on bringing in different styles and giving them that "ish twist"!

We have only been going for about a week, we have a couple sales, some awesome friends helping us promote, and we are trying to keep from overdoing it on the social media :) Y'all know thats a challenge for me!

So please check us out and share until your little heart is content.
Facebook / ETSY / Instagram / Twitter

Jewelry making is rad, and I don't know why it took me 23 years to learn that.

Any advice on how to help a creative mind settle on just one (or a couple) of ideas to pursue, my brains getting fried??

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