Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work Bench (Look For Less #2)

It's time for another Look For Less challenge!! If you missed the first challenge head over HERE to check it out. If you are looking for my Wishful Wednesday ETSY list I posted that yesterday (Tuesday) so be sure to head back and check that out! 

(At the end of the post I will be sharing links to the other bloggers taking part of the challenge!)

I've been in need of a work bench in my studio and as always this challenge came at a perfect time to make me get the project done! 

My inspiration came from two different finds via ETSY. I love ETSY and wish I could have ordered both of these, but for a work bench I needed it to be a bit sturdier and much cheaper!! Both of these tables range between $250 and $500. They are most likely more than worth it but I couldn't justify that price tag not to mention I needed to modify them to make them fit my need. 

What I decided to do was combine the two designs and my goal was to spend less than $100, it is a work bench after all. What I used for this project was super simple.
Metal Task Force Saw Horses
2 pieces of 4ft x 4ft x 3/4in plywood
2 drills (1 for pre-drilling holes and 1 for screws)
1in Screws
In total I spent $60 and just over 2 hours!! Not bad :)

First of all I cut my plywood to size. I used a 4ft x 3ft rectangle and  6in sides. Then I placed my first 4x3 piece of plywood on the ground and opened the saw horses and placed them on top. I marked their spots flipped them over and predrilled holes in to the bottom of the legs. Once all 8 legs had holes I lined the legs up with the marks and pre drilled and screwed the legs in to the plywood. Then flipped the entire thing over so the saw-horses are upside down and the table top is upright.

Then I clamped my 6in sides upright and predrilled and screwed the sides and top of the box together.
Now I have a 6inch shelf sitting below my ultra sturdy work bench. Despite my studio being organized and all my tools having a place when I work I spread out and make a mess!! So this shelf will help me keep my work area clean while still having tools in reach. Brilliant :)

And to add my final touches I sanded the whole baby down and painted the edges of the shelf to match the metal saw horse legs. I also added a few layers of poly to the unstained boards to give them a bit of protection. But lets be real it will probably get damaged and stained real quick, it is a workbench after all! 

Now my studio is officially finished! I've got loads of tools hung on the peg board, my paint storage cabinet, my faux pie safe is full of all kinds of goodies, and now I have a space big enough for me to work on how ever I want! And not to mention it can be easily moved around to open up the floor space when needed. 

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  1. You're amazing, Gracie!!! This looks fantastic. Step aside Tim Allen! Gracie's in town!!!


    1. Oh my goodness Kylie that just made my morning!!

  2. hey gracie that work bench looks sophisticated! i would take it in after painting with a light gray or white♥
    girl, you are the most fashionable diy'er i've seen to date! look at you in your boots!

    found you from kyla of home coming, huggies♥

    1. Rea I am so glad you found me! And I totally agree about painting it, but the kinda work I do on it is so super messy so keeping it plain made the most sense cause then I can just sand the spots off :) Annnnnnnnd thank you for thinkin I look good while doing it! That is just the required layers for working out in about freezing temps :)

  3. So creative! And I love that you really have two surfaces to work with.

  4. This turned out so cool. I love how you found inspiration but then made it your own. Super fun. And thanks so much for participating in the challenge!!

  5. Holy wow, I LOVE this! It turned out super cool-- I love how you combined the two designs to create something unique!

    1. Thanks Becca! I wasn't really sure how it would turn out, and the over all look isn't exactly what I pictured but hey its a work bench and its more functional than i ever thought!

  6. Wow-love this! I am so inspired by women with power tools! Way to go!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I try my hardest too use my tools often but I don't get to do it as much as I'd like. I'm hoping now that I have a more organized space that I will!

  7. Wow lady, this is seriously fantastic!! I LOVE it, just pinned, and I'm going to talk my husband into believing the fact that I need one too, lol! Thanks for sharing!
    -Molly from Just a Little Creativity

    1. thannnks sweet tart! It's a great little table and super easy to make!!!! Hope you can get one and if you do please share!

  8. This is so cool and totally creative! Much better than the manly {read: boring} workbench we currently have in our garage. Love!


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