Tuesday, February 28, 2017

10 days from an answered prayer

Tomorrow we will be 10 days away from closing on our new home. 

10 days away from God fulfilling a promise He made us when we got married. 
10 days away from something prayed for for over a year. 
10 days away from moving out of our storage unit life style we had for 3 months. 

10 days. 

I want to remember the days that I prayed for this day to come. 
I want to remember how faithful God was even when I felt like He wasn't listening. 
I want to remember all the circles I made thinking I knew the right direction. 
I want to remember how God saw us through a time we had no idea which way to go. 

10 days from having a miracle home. 

I hope this home is filled with Gods love. 
I hope the beds are never empty, the table is always full & the living room is never silent. 

Reed and I prayed for this home. We asked God over a year ago to provide a home that was us. That would have enough space to host many friends, to allow us to pursue our passions and to help us bring home our Nica Nugget. 

10 days we can start that again. 

10 days we can pick up our journey towards our family. 
10 days a long almost 6 month journey of uncertainty will become a long journey of establishing roots and producing good fruit! 

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