Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Perfect Combination

Once upon a time I blogged on a daily basis, about every single change in my space.

Obvs that doesn't happen anymore! Maybe sometimes change is just too big to catalog as it is happening. that sounds good, lets go with that. 

So - no DIY tutorials today but I do want to share my most favorite room in our little Chapin Casa!

The living room. The first room our guests see. The room we cuddle in to watch TV. The room that is always the perfect balance of crazy outdoors man and artistic color lover. 

But seriously, we have never seen a room that felt like such a perfect combination between the two of us. 

This little 1940s charm filled house has elements that just begged us to put our stamp on. The light in this room makes my art collection pop. Painting the brick gauntlet grey by Sherwin Williams gave contrast to our 1800s original chippy paint mantel that we brought from York. Oh and that entry wall in that smooth grey made Reeds european mounts seem straight out of a western decor magazine. 

Cozy texture and meaningful pieces has this room feeling like it has always been home.
Vintage chairs - recovered by fabric picked out by my mom and aunt.
Kerosene can lamp- made with an old can found in our previous back yard.
Animal mounts from Reeds many adventures.
Art from my grandma and me.
childhood trunk turned coffee table.

I can't tell you how to replicate this room, or link to the sources for you to get your own treasure. But I can tell you that decorating should be done with pieces you love. When a home is filled with love and pieces picked by people you love then you can't go wrong! Collect memories not things and your house will be a home. 

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