Sunday, October 1, 2017

Gathering & Growing

If you are here, it is probably because you saw our social media post about growing our family.  We have been so excited to share this news but also savoring the time with just a select few knowing our little secret.

We knew that when we decided to share this news with "the world" that there were going to be lots of questions. It was no longer going to be whispered about among friends and so many people were going to immediately ask about our adoption. So, we knew when we found the right time to share that we needed to take that opportunity to speak and share about our wonderful and unique situation of being pregnant while in the midst of adoption.

To answer the big burning question everyone asks right off the bat, YES- our adoption is still happening and YES we are still right on track.

Now, the biggest thing I want everyone to know is that we are adopting because God called us to and we are growing a little baby because God called us to. He put the desire to adopt a little nugget from Nicaragua on our hearts and opened up door after door to make sure we knew adoption was His plan for our family. Then this summer, He called us to take another step of faith and to grow our family biologically. From the moment Reed and I decided to "talk" about growing our family we said our first priority was to follow God and let whatever we do be for HIS glory. We want our children, adopted or biological, to know that our "family plan" was to grow up children that know and feel the love of God each and every day no matter what their story.

Each of these children is a miracle. We can't wait to meet them both and have these two pictures of our faith be forever in our family. But they are a miracle because they were both knit together by our amazing Father. We are not adopting because we could not get pregnant and we did not get pregnant because we are adopting. We are pregnant and adopting because God wrote an amazing story that we get to live out and share with the world.

Adoption and pregnancy are both a journey that not every family has the joy of experiencing. We know that many families adopting may struggle to get pregnant. Or that adoption may come up later after biological children. We want to savor every moment of both of these journeys and remember that God has us on them, at the same time, so we can share His family story.

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