Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chapin Casa

Well hello!
Welcome to our Chapin Casa :)

Yep, we have been in our new house for 1 week today.
We have prayed about this house for over a year. Well, maybe not this house but the house we would call home and begin to build our family in. We prayed that each room would be filled with joy and love, that the dining room would be large so we could host many and that the bedrooms would be cozy and welcoming.

We thought we knew the home we prayed for. I even walked countless circles as I prayed over each room around that home we thought God was giving us. God just kept closing doors. First it was the ranch, then it was York, then it was one house after another in Chapin. I just couldn't understand what was "wrong" with those homes, those plans we made. They were good!

Well it turns out that God had a better plan. I know - I "knew" that. We believed it, which is why we were willing to move from a place we loved for the unknown. But I don't think I really  understood what that could mean. What did better than what I wanted look like.

Well let me tell you! Better than my plans looks like a home built in 1944, remodeled in 2013 but kept the original floors, doors and all the fabulous molding. Oh yeah and did I mention it also sits on an acre of land less than 10 minutes from the highway?

So basically, I was settling for what I thought was "doable" and "good". But thankfully we have a father that works MIRACLES and expects GREAT! This home is better than we could have hoped for. Which makes me now truly understand Ephesians 3:20
Now to him who is able to do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine...

Photo credit to the wonderful Lydia McCaulley Photography

PS. You are about to see lots of house related posts!
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