Thursday, October 30, 2014

Princess Peach Halloween Costume with whats in your Closet

Halloween is here! It's kinda snuck up with all this crazy warm weather, so for those of you who let the costume planning skip by you here is something I whipped up with just what I had in my closet and craft drawers! I'm sure most of you have plenty of costumes just waiting to be discovered in your closet too :) 

With this being my second costume post for the season, and it doesn't even include my real costume, I'm sure you've realized I just like to dress up :) (Here's my first costume, PiƱata & Birthday Girl)  It's a family thing I think and this blog just gave me the perfect excuse to come up with fun ideas this year.

For this Princess Peach costume I seriously just dug through my closet and craft supplies. I picked the costume because I knew I had a pink skirt and top and figured going from there was easy. And it was!

Like I said up there I started with finding my base pieces, a pink tank top and a pink skirt. I then dug up some old white dress socks, a roll of tulle, a headband, card stock, paint, and the Dollar Store skirt I bought for Tepes costume earlier this year.

I couldn't follow the dress exactly but I'm pretty sure that adding tulle for sleeves gave the illusion of puffy princess sleeves. Adding the small skirt over my original skirt gave me the layering affect. And finally painting that bejeweled crown looks just as good as hers!

This costume was so fun, so easy, and so cheap! I mean come on, free costume? Why wouldn't you play dress up :) Plus I needed a reason to make a photo booth...

You can check out my super cheap and easy Dollar Store Halloween Photo Booth from last week for a super easy and fun activity for your halloween party!

With Halloween so close I hope y'all have made your plans! I'm excited to hear what y'all are dressing up as :) 

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  1. Oh I love this! Adorable costume and I love the photo booth.


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