Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dollar Store Piñata Costume

Last week I shared a a cute idea for a costume including you AND your dog! I mentioned that the costume was made with nothing but goods from my local Dollar Store, so here I am to share how I turned $10 of random goods in to a super cute costume for two! 

The puppy part was easy. I just purchased a little girls tutu, and birthday hat. 
The idea was to have Tepe hold the Piñata stick in her mouth but she wasn't interested.... 

The more time consuming part of the costume was my piñata outfit.
But it was pretty simple and involved just a few materials.
First be sure to get about 5 different color streamers, and a XL mens tshirt (one that is long enough to work as a dress).

Then I simply took a tank top of my own to trace the arm holes and neck line on the XL tshirt.

Then, starting from the bottom of the shirt, I pinned a single ribbon of a streamer and sewed it to the shirt. I continued this until I reached the top of my shoulders, alternating colors of course :)

Once you have all of your streamers sewn on to your t-shirt simple cut each streamer to create more texture. I had no method to my madness just cut cut cut!

And to finish off the costume I wore some colorful tights, leather boots, and added a gift bow to my hair. You could always take the Piñata thing further and make a head band with horns/ears like the traditional Piñatas have.

I loved this costume idea and wish that Tepe would have been a bit more corporative, but year and a half puppies never do what you expect I guess :) 

I mean just look at how miserable she looked...
I'm thinking we may have needed a smaller hat.

There you have it, a super easy and super cheap costume for two! Now tell me what you are planning to be for halloween, does it include your sweet little fur baby??

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