Monday, March 17, 2014

Before & After Hoosier Cabinet

So, I've been saying I was super busy lately. I showed y'all the whimsical chairs last week and I'm pretty sure that one of the pictures had this hoosier in the back ground. This cabinet has been floating around for a few months now. It came with my studio and I've always wanted one, but sadly we don't have the space. So I got to fix it up and give it to my brother for his new house!!

Basically this cabinet was totally falling apart. It had about a million layers of old paint and lots of water damage. It took hours of sanding and lots of sandpaper. 

The hardware was pretty bad too. Rusty beyond recognition and painted over multiple times. So after sanding those down I realized... the top hardware didn't match the bottom. For a quick fix I just got some silver spray paint and gave them all a quick once over and WA LA! Uniformity.

We chose the color based off what would go best with the awesome counter top. It was pretty dinged up, but it just added some awesome character too it. We couldn't do a white because the top had yellowed too much and we really wanted for it to be a statement piece.

 I LOVE the blue and green together. Once I got it finished I wished that I could keep it. I guess that is the life of a furniture lover in a small two bedroom house. Maybe one day I will be able to find another hoosier and have a spot for it too!

I just can't get over the transformation. I mean, its already gone to it's new home but I still want it in my house! I pray the furniture gods appreciate my love for them and one day will grace me with an awesome hoosier for myself. 

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  1. It looks great! The blue is so much fun with the green counter. I'm planning on painting a china cabinet a similar deep blue soon.


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