Sunday, March 23, 2014


I would say that recently I've had a bit of a dry spell in my creative-ness, but that's kinda a lie. I've been working on a lot and my brain is constantly thinking of new projects. So why am I not posting?! 

Well basically I haven't wanted to stop the flow of my days to come up with elegant ways to share my projects. I'm not ready to do photoshoots of the out comes, or do tutorials on how I made it. And I really haven't been up to making wish lists, sure I've got plenty of TO DO LISTS but sure don't need to be "wishing" for more things.  
I love writing here but decided to take a short break. I want my heart to be devoted and right now I'm fully devoted to some larger projects that I'm just not ready to share yet :) 

Don't worry you will have a HUGE. Amount of posts coming your way in April. I'm still hosting my Monday parties and the monthly giveaways. And I will probably post randomly here and there but for now I'm not promising anything else!  

Spring has sprung and I'm enjoying my time unplugged and feeding my creative side as much as I possibly can! 

I hope you guys are up to some good this season too! Love ya and miss ya 😘 MWAH 

1 comment:

  1. Take you time, fill up your batteries, and most important - don't feel you HAVE TO DO something.
    Blogging should not be something forced. It should be fun


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