Thursday, February 6, 2014

Weekly Review of the Boondocks

This week has been a roller coster! Let me tell ya being a stay at home wife is emotional and some times I get a little bit cray cray. This week was one of those cray cray times...

First I started off Monday with the totally rad party that Lori from A Bright And Beautiful Life helps me host each week. It is still going strong so PLEASSSEE go check it out, here :)
On Monday I also got a chance to talk with lots of my favorite people about my life. It is always so good to chat with friends about the future and our dreams for it.

Tuesday was a bit crazy, I mean it was good because I got to kick off the giveaway for February with Rachel from Like A Saturday! And man if I could enter I totally would, I need some girly fun pampering stuff :) But personally I was strugglin with my projects! I tried to dye my drop cloth to make some curtains annnnddd it took me about 3 hours. Yes 3 hours just to figure out how to freaking fill up our washer with hot water! I thought I broke the machine and then Reed walks in to tell me that our washer was never hooked up to hot water.... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But! I got the drapes done and hung with a cool tin cornice board!

Wednesday, hump day. Boy was it a hump to get over for me! I was a bit emotional and needed to just vent. Luckily I have y'all sweet friends to vent to and a God who teaches me great things daily. Learning to not get frustrated with His plan when it isn't what I was expecting and how to not let my pride run my life. Yep all that was going through my head on Wednesday. Talk about heavy!!
But when I have that much going on in my head it often means I get super productive, sooooo I did loads of crafting!

Thursday, busy busy, AGAIN! Whats the deal, I mean I thought when you where a stay at home anything that you got to stay at home. Apparently not. I ran out to the store to get all kinds of goodies for some orders and a baby shower this weekend! Love hosting parties, and love finishing orders. So good! Check out all the work I've been getting done from crafting a table runner to my new ETSY Jewelry endeavor!

Friday is post office and cleaning day! Not super fun but feels so good to get it done! I love visiting the post office, I've gotten to know the sweet people there by name and they always ask about each item I'm shipping.  They even help drum  up business every once in a while. Sweeeetttt people :) We will be heading to good ole Clemson when Reed gets off to spend a weekend visiting friends and celebrating the growth of their sweet family!

It's been a good week I think :)
How was yours??


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