Thursday, February 13, 2014

A thankful Snow Day!

Goodness gracious the south has been hit again with snow!! Snow is such a big deal in good ole South Carolina, I mean seriously we shut down. Even Walmart and mcdonalds, that means its serious now.

As hard as it is to get through this Snowpocalypse  I am SO thankful that I have a husband that has all the tools to keep us happy. And unbelievably thankful for the snow being more beautiful than dangerous! No Ice yet and I hope it never makes it  :) 

Here are some pictures from our two days of snow!  Hope y'all are all safe and warm this Thursday!! 

Tomorrow is supposed to bring more snow and ice. As beautiful as it is we are ready for some warm weather, why don't we get snow days in the summer?? :) 

Ps> sorry for the short post we are enjoying the Olympics and I'm a bit distracted :) what have y'all been watching most??

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