Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All things rustic, burlap, and cozy??

We are back on track this week with a Wishful Wednesday post Featuring a couple different ETSY shops!! ETSY is such a great place to find handmade goods of awesome quality at pretty great prices! I have my own shops (yes, I now have two... I know I'm crazy) but I'm more obsessed with finding things to add to my wishlist via ETSY than I am with Pinterest! 

This week I found a couple things that all seem to fit in perfectly with our bedroom! We just rearranged and I'm working on finishing it all up to do a tour for y'all soon. So, like everyone in the middle of a project you have to go find "inspiration". Basically that is a creative girls excuse to shop online :)

I've been obsessed with grain sacks lately. I just love the vintage and natural look that they give off.Maison & Company is a shop that caught my attention with their beautiful  grain sack laundry bags. They shared some of their favorite items with me and I think y'all should go check them out because it makes since these items are their favorite!

"Our Etsy store showcases our art and hand-crafted items. We love our feed sack pillows, which compliment the grain sack laundry bags. We are also especially fond of our 19th Century Swiss Advertising Stamp collection and framed vintage Swedish herbariums."

And to go with my dream of grain sack laundry bags, I found the perfect pillow shams!! Right now we don't have any pillow shams so our bed looks rumbled all the time. These would be PERFECTTTTT! I even have a burlap bed skirt :) Burlap Everything is a shop on ETSY that well, has burlap everything! These pillows are made to order just for you so they can be customized to fit you! I'm not a monogram person but this monogram has a very similar aged look as the
grain sacks... so I've got a soft spot :)

Annnnd finally a dream of mine is to have a sheep skin rug beside the bed so when I get up in the morning my feet don't freeze off on these cold hardwoods. This beauty is coming all the way from Poland from the Trending Slippers shop. Obviously, the shop features all kinds of fuzy goodies. Lots of beautiful rugs and even some super cozy looking slippers! Ohhhh I would jump up and down for days if I got my feet on one of these rugs or even in a pair of those slippers!

I mentioned up top that I now have 2 shops. Yep TWO! My first one is one I've had for a while now, featuring all kinds of custom painted goodies like serving trays, clocks, lamps, or tin signs! My newest shop is a collaboration and is a totally new and different adventure for me! Bohemian-ish is a Jewelry shop that features all kinds of eclectic jewelry. We would love to have y'all come follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook!

Can you believe that all of these are available on ETSY?! I mean seriously everything from Laundry bags, jewelry, pillow cases, to rugs! 
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