Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thankful For The Random-ness

Almost the end of January. Thursday marks the 23rd day of 2014. Its a weird feeling cause I feel like it should be a higher number, but also feel like January is flying by. I know that doesn't really make sense but I can't help it, thats how it feels to me (Jack) :) 

Thought I would switch it up a bit this week. We got some fabulous posts from others but I thought maybe I could share some of how I pick what to post each day. Most of the time I let it be an instant thing, (that is the purpose of Instagram) but other times I take pictures through out the day and then choose which one to add as my thankful post for the day. It's kinda whatever hits me really :) 

Like to start the week we had a spontaneous cousin trip to Charleston. My granddad wasn't doing well and was in the hospital. I wanted so badly to just be thankful that we got to see him, but was also trying to watch what exactly I was posting on social media. And later that night I ended up being so thankful that the trip became more than visiting out granddad in the hospital and turned in to a goofy night out with the family and AH MAZING food. 

Then to continue the family fun I got spend a little over 36 hours with this handsome little man. We pretty much became best buds. Lots of adventures that I hope one day he will remember and cherish. I'm so thankful that Reed and I got to be that cool aunt and uncle with the big toys and lots of animals! 

Too top off all that family time our own little family got an update to our house. Yep that would be insulation! Reed and I got to see some amazing blessings this week and are so thankful for the amount of people that where willing to help us figure out how to better communicate so that we can be efficient instead of just "complaining" and waiting for it to fix itself. 

And finally, more cousin time!!! After shopping with my cousins we lost ourselves in the art of jewelry making. I'm totally hooked and am SO thankful I found another creative outlet :)

Basically that has been my week in Thankful posts. Pretty random and simple things, but that is what makes this project so beautiful! It doesn't matter how pretty your pictures are, or how cool the activity is you are doing. Just find the things that fill up your days and give them the appreciation they deserve!!!

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