Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tight Space Turned Broom Closet

Last week Reed and I were trying to get our space a little less cluttered and lots more functional. And one of our projects was one we have had on our list for a while. Basically we have  no broom closet and no place for storage of our broom, mop, vacuum, and ironing board so we had it all shoved in about a foot of space between the dryer and wall. 

That foot of space was so dysfunctional and every time I pulled something out everything else came crashing down. I knew there was no way to "hide" this stuff away, which would be awesome, so I needed to just make it more organized. When things have a place they look 100 times better no matter if it is just some brooms and fly swatters. 

So here is what we did. We took a scrap piece of wood painted it to match the trim  hung it on the wall added some hooks from the dollar store and WA LA! A new space that is both functional and better looking than before.

Not to mention we got this new trashcan to hold Tepes dog food and it is so much cuter than a bag of food sitting there. Plus it has a lid so she can't get in to it :) 
Basically this space is so much more useful than before, and in a small house you need every inch of space to be useful! 

PS> sorry for the late and short posts this week. I've been very busy with family this past week, and sometimes you have to let the blog mold to your schedule so those other things in life can take their rightful place :) 
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  1. We have our laundry in the utility room. It's unfinished though =( I would love to finish it out, and WHEN we do ;) I'll have to remember your organization techniques! I'd love it if you'd share this at my link party going on now!

  2. Such a great idea! I don't have anywhere to put my cleaning tools and I have a similar laundry room so I will definitely be doing this! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle


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