Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drop Cloth Chair

Alright, I've had this project in the works for about a month. I don't know why its taken me so long but it did. Actually it didn't take long it just took me a while to photograph it as a "finished" product :)
So here it is and all its glory!

Alright, this chair has come a LONG way. The first week we moved my mom, aunt, and friend came up to visit and help me with whatever I needed help with. Originally it was painting, but in our family we never do what we say we are going to do. We decided to go thrifting instead!  
These are our fabulous finds!! The ladder from the Ladder Light ,  gas can that will be made in to a side table, the medicine cabinet for the bathroom, and the broken chair that I have made unrecognizable!
(The thrift shops up here are the best I've ever seen! I got all of this and a few other things that my mom, aunt, and friend picked up ALL for $20!!)

So here is the chair. It was sturdy just a little worn and missing an arm. My aunt is the one who made me get it because she has a matching one, also missing an arm :)
I knew it wouldn't take much to make it look like new so I chopped off the arm. And sanded them down to a matching hight that wouldn't poke you in the legs when you sit. 

Once I cleaned it up some I decided the cheapest way for me to cover it would be a drop cloth. So I got a 9x12 ft drop cloth from Lowes for about $10 bucks and started at it! I wasn't so sure how to do it at first so I played around with what the best place to make my first cut would be. I ended up landing on draping the corner of the fabric over to cover the back. And then I went to town with some stables!
Yes I recovered this chair with a drop cloth and staples... It works!

Then to cover the corner and make sure it looked pretty I used the gift wrapping technique. Just pulled to the side and made a tight corner then pulled it down nice and tight to staple. It took a little fidgeting to get the top fold to look nice so you have to play with it a little. Then to finish the side I folded the remaining edge of the cloth over and used no sew tape to avoid the staples! 

I was so proud of that side of the chair. It was a huge boost in convidence to wing it and have it looks so nice and smooth :)  But this next part got a little tricky to photograph so I will do my best to explain. I flipped the remaining amount of cloth over the top of the chair so I would pull it tight around the bottom of the back to staple. 

After flipping the chair back to the upright position I cut the fabric along the base of the back leaving just enough fabric to pull tight and staple. I pulled the fabric from the back to the front of the chair stapling underneath the back and then pulled the remaining fabric to cover with a finished edge using no sew tape.

And then again used a similar technique as wrapping presents to finish off the side of the chair. Unlike the other side it didn't have the finished seam of the drop cloth so to make sure the sides matched I cut a piece of the seam off of the left over cloth and then again used no sew tape to attach and finish it off. 


And for the bottom I just cut a square of the drop cloth slightly bigger than the seat and notching out where the legs would be. 

Then I flipped the chair so I could see the underside and pulled the fabric tight and stapling. I rotated around making sure that no one side had more staples in it than another all while checking the top to make sure it is pulled tight with no bubbles or ripples. I think that rotating while you staple helps keep the fabric taught and even across the surface, but i'm sure you could do that other ways too.  The corners got a little tricky so that was pretty much just pull and staple as much as it needed. 

But to make them look more finished I rolled the corners of the fabric under, stapling tight, and the hot gluing in place so that it wouldn't move around and show the fabric underneath. 

Here is the finished chair! Well the covering part at least. It honestly didn't take too long at all and it wasn't hard either!. I'm really happy with how the drop cloth looks and think leaving it like this would have worked just as fabulous as what I ended up doing to it. 

But being bored coupled with just moving I couldn't leave the chair alone. I wanted to have some other creative project other than painting the house so I decided to paint the chair :) I love flowers I think they are beautiful so I picked some of my favorites and did my own rendition of them on the seat and back. 

And then I STILL couldn't leave well enough alone! I had the chair sititng in the living room for atleast 3 weeks and decided it was just too "pretty" for me. As much as I love floral I don't really have traditional floral in my house anywhere. I have lots of floral inspired patterns int he living room but they all have a twist to them. So I decided to add my twist to the chair once more :) 
I went and got the sample Valspar paint from Lowes and picked out the brightest green I could find. 

I love it! I think it added just the right amount of flare to this chair. totally more me. Sadly I don't really need it in the living-room. It fits fine for now but I don't think I'm going to be its forever home. 
It was a fun project and I can't believe how far it came from that broken chair at the thrift store. 



  1. Great makeover. I saw a thumb of it in a link party and just had to click over and see some more! The celery pop is so fresh and lovely.

    1. Thank you Kristine!! The celery paint was such a fabulous find! I think its what made the chair for sure :) Thanks for stopping by and hope to see more of you!

  2. Oh, it's so pretty and cute! Great job!


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