Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ladder Light

So now that you have seen the "finished" kitchen I thought I would share the light over our sink. 
First I want to say that everyone needs to notice the AMAZING windows we have all over the house. The windows are huge and let in so much light that I've found we hardly use any lights. We are even lucky enough to have a stunning view right over our kitchen sink. So I knew immediately that I wanted the sink to be a sort of "center piece" of the kitchen. 

But first let me show you what WAS there. 

Ok so see that UFO hanging from the lovely popcorn ceiling? Yes that was the light above our kitchen. I've NEVER seen one like that before. My parents and my younger brother came up the second day we moved in to help us unpack and get a little settled. When my younger brother walked in he said "why do you have a sprinkler above your sink?".  The answer, I don't know but it is LONG GONE now. 

{Please excuse the dishes in the sink, I've been avoiding them.}
So when trying to decide how I wanted to replace the UFO sprinkler I was thinking about storage. I wasn't sure if we had enough cabinet space for food, dishes, pots and pans. So I originally was planning to find a pot rack to hang with a light. BUT at my favorite thrift store I found an old ladder they had sitting out behind the store. I got it for less than $5. I thought it would be fun to hang pots on. With the addition of our china cabinet I didn't need any more storage so we ended up just using the ladder as a fun light "rack". 

Now the awesome easy install. With my less than $5 ladder and my $12 outdoor lights from Target Reed took over the project and finished it all in less than 20 minutes. With my supervision we centered the ladder and found the studs in the ceiling hung some hooks, wrapped chains around the ladder and TA-DA a beautiful new kitchen light! 

I'm going to get a few more strands of lights because it just doesn't produce the amount of light we need  at night. But it does create a great atmosphere and (as Reed said) "its rustic and not girly, I like it". 
So there you have it! A quick, easy, and cheap way to add our own personality in to our new kitchen. 


  1. Very Cute, I love ladders! You could still hang pots, or whatnots, too!

    1. Cori thank you so much! I know I'm hoping that we can grow our kitchen collection now that we have alittle bit extra space :)


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