Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blog Reveal Giveaway

I have officially redone my blog! I'm so excited to show you guys buutttttt you have to wait until Saturday :) I wanted to give you guys a great reason to come back and see the new design so here is a sneak peak of what is coming your way Saturday!! 

I have teamed up with Razzberry Fizz and Recipe For Crazy  to give you the best giveaway yet!

The Fizz will be contributing a fabulous Lilly Pulitzer agenda, RecipeForCrazy will be sending you a beautiful and inspiring print, and I will be contributing my newest etsy shop item (floral hand painted scarf) and an Etsy $25 gift card! Now if you don't want at least ONE of these things something is wrong with you :) Just kidding, but seriously I would love for each of you to enter! 

Be sure to come back and enter Saturday! It will be running for a while giving you more than enough time to enter and check out each of our fabulous sites!

Love you all and can't wait for you to see how beautiful the new blog looks! 


  1. Hi Gracie! Thank you for dropping by my blog! It's always nice to meet someone who loves Clemson. :) I can't believe it's almost football season again. I'm looking forward to getting to know you more on your blog - can't wait to see your new blog design!

    1. So glad you made it over!! We just got our tickets and parking passes and I am now in full tailgate planning mode!


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