Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Thoughts about being Married

Posting this later than normal. Sorry for those of you that have been checking all day for the post. I've been running errands all day and trying to be creative for sculpture. 

 I love being married. 

I think that I finally feel like I'm married. 
I know I've been married for about 7 months now so you would think that I would have "felt" married already. BUT, I didn't. 

I just have been having a blast. 
I love living with my best friend. Its totally awesome to know that I can see him whenever I want (kinda, outside of school and work). 
It's like a never ending sleep over, constant fun where we make the rules. 

I think the reason I didn't feel married until recently wasn't because the fun stopped but rather because I became appreciative and aware of what it means to be married. 

Reed and I promised each other that when we got married we weren't going to board ourselves up in the house and never see our friends again. 
We decided that we would continue to live the way we did before but add in the other person a little more. Sounds weird, but let me explain. 

This is our schedule. 
Mondays: I have 1 class and Reed has no classes. Once I get home from my class at about 10 am we usually spend the day going on errands or working on projects together. 
Tuesdays: I have class ALL DAY. I usually go in about 10 and wont get home until 8pm. By the time I'm home Reed is at work so I make dinner and we eat when he gets home at 9pm. 
Wednesdays: I have my one class again but Reed has a full day and goes straight to work. These are his "man nights", meaning him and some buddies from work go to Beefs after they get off. 
Thursdays: We see each other off and on during the day between classes but Thursday nights are my "girls night out". 
Friday: I stay at home with Tepe, work on projects and clean while Reed is at class. Usually we veg out on the sofa with the Tepster after dinner and just watch TV. 
Saturday: We both work on projects together and usually have friends over for dinner. 
Sunday: Church then Reed heads to work and comes home to dinner and more TV veg time. 

I love our schedule. 
I love coming home to him every night. 
I love that we both feel like we can depend on each other to run errands together, or work on projects. 
I love that I know I can go have girls night out and not have him being jealous. 
I love that I have the ability to be OK with him not coming home right after work. 
I love that neither of us feel the need to smother the other, but that we can still show affection and be confident in our love for each other. 

Basically, I decided that I've felt married all along. 
I just never called him my husband because he has always been and always will be my best friend first. 

Sorry for the super ooie gooie-ness of this post. 
But I love being married to Reed, and I hope the excitement never goes away. 

Here Are some of my favorite pictures of us :)  

I love our itsy bitsy teeny tiny family :) 

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  1. Love all the pics, especially the 2nd one from the last! It looks like you guys are doing great in your marriage and will continue to do so. Bless you both!


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