Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reasons to be thankful wk. 3

Sorry that this week is a little late. 
This weekend has been so relaxing and I just didn't feel like sitting in front of the computer. 
This weekend I am SO thankful for the beautiful down time with my family. 

I know I say this every week but I really like to see what each of you post on Instagram. 
There are so many things that are just completely beautiful, yet we rarely notice. 
Thank you for noticing the beautiful things and sharing with us :) 

@ssclaude, @shandaughtry, @aenglun, @lucysatt, @mckennahersh, @mika_murray, @achewni

I was thinking about Instagram today. 
And why it is that we are so obsessed with sharing everything. 
Sometimes its annoying, we don't need play by plays of every ones life. 
But these social networks and new apps have created a world that is smaller and more intimate. 
I love sharing my life with y'all and I want to see yours! 
Instagram allows you to share the beauty around you instantly. 

How to play: download the picture you see below (right click to save to your computer, or save image or screenshot on your phone), post it on Instagram to get started! Then when you post your thankful picture each day, simply tag it with #KTAthankful and @gracielathrop so we can see! Each friday I will go through all of the posts from the week and share a few favorites!! 

Looking forward to seeing what you post! 

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