Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY Screen Door

Do you remember our itsy bitsy, teeny tiny kitchen?? 
Well look here for a reminder if you don't. 

So, I have been planning to put a curtain up to cover our pantry/food shelf thing. 
But I never got to it.
Now with Tepe getting older and BIGGER we need something to keep her from getting all up in the food. I decided that a screen door was the best solution. 
We went shopping at Lowes for something but couldn't find anything that was: 1. light enough to hang on the bookshelf, 2. sturdy enough for Tepe not to mess up and 3. looked the way I wanted :)

We built our own!!

First we got 1x2 boards and Pet screen. 

Then my handy dandy husband and good friend put together a frame that mimiced the screen doors we saw earlier. 

After framing it out they simply stapled the screen to one side.
Making sure it was pulled tight so it wasn't wrinkling. 

Once the screening was added I decided I wanted to paint it.
Probably should have painted it BEFORE adding the screen...
But painters tape worked just fine :)
And of course I used my favorite color.
What else did you expect!

Once Reed hung it and added a magnet to keep it shut we are done! 
Now Tepe can no longer crawl around with the cans on the bottom shelf :) 

(PS. I don't know why we 2 coffee makers, I don't even drink coffee! And yes this wall in the kitchen is lame. Maybe I should fix it...) 

Tepe was helping us build the door.
She was super hyper and running all over our little shed . 
Look closely and she has blue paint on her right ear.

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  1. You DIY screen looks like a winner to me! (cute puppy, too)

    1. Nova thanks so much for always commenting on my posts! I love hearing from you! And Tepe has completely stolen my heart, she is just too cute!!

  2. LOVE the turquoise paint and that you guys did this yourselves! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday this week!

    Take care,


  3. This is fantastic! I would like to invite you to SHARE this cool post at my link up party if you haven’t already, hope you stop by every week! I really appreciate your support and encouragement .

    Be Sweet~
    Christina at


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