Monday, February 4, 2013

Another painting I didn't have room for!

Last week I shared with you the second to last painting project from my beginning painting class. 
And today I'm going to share with you my final assignment. 
It also happens to be my favorite :) 

The assignment was based off of 3 sources:
1. object
2. photograph
3. art historical reference
I chose the fall leaves as my object, hoping to mimic their amazing colors. 
A photograph of my dads green truck and our dirt road. I combined the two together in photoshop and worked from there. 
Then finally I used Morris Louis again as my inspiration (also a painting I have of my grandmothers). 

This was so fun to paint, I started with a realistic version of the view I wanted and then abstracted it from there. To give it a kind of whimsy look I decided to thin down my paint and allow it to drip around the canvas. 

I also tried to take large strokes keeping as little detail as possible. 
I only wanted it to be identifiable if you wanted to find an object in the painting. 

This detail shot is my favorite spot on the painting. 
The grill of the truck had a lot of different shapes and colors on it so it was really fun to try and morph in to the road itself. 

I gave this painting to my dad for Christmas. I love it and would have totally found some place to fit it but this was his dads truck and something that I knew he would really love :) 


and I just thought this was a cool picture of what my pallet looked like while painting this picture :) 

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