Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Glitter Lightbulb Ornaments!

This is our first Christmas as newly weds! 
I wanted to do something that made it really feel like Christmas in our itsy bitsy house but we decided that I needed to decorate on a low budget. 
That really meant I had no budget so it needed to be what I had laying around :) 

I already shared how I made our tree out of burlap and a tomato stand. 
Check it out here

So, our tree was made with a $5 budget which meant I needed to have even cheaper ornaments. 
I went to the Dollar Store and bought light bulbs, glue, glitter and ornament hooks for a total of $5!
(I just love the Dollar store! I make sure I go there as a first stop to any project)

First things first. 
Just squirt some regular school glue on the light bulb 
Then smooth out the glue so that the glitter sticks all over and not sure where the glue is. 

Then I just poured on the glitter! 
I used a paper plate to catch the glitter that didn't stick and rolled the bulb around in that to fill it in. 

I was really impressed by how cool they looked!!
Now to get them ready to hang on the tree!
I just wrapped some white yarn around the threads of the bulb and hooked my hook to it and 
Glitter Bulb Ornaments!! 

Once Reed saw how thrifty I was being he allowed me to spend a few more. 
I got the smaller light bulbs (like you use in Night Lites) from Lowes, on sale for abuot $1.20. 
The clear ornaments are from Wal-Mart and where also about a $1.20. 
I filled them with things from the yard. 
And the snow flakes where from the Dollar Store, they where $1 for a pack of 10!! 


I love our Christmas tree :) 
I think it fits us and our itsy bitsy house perfectly!! 
I spent about a total of $20 getting our house decorated!! 

I love Christmas and I am so excited for my first Christmas as a wife and for my first Christmas as an official Lathrop! Reed and I will be heading to Nicaragua to spend Christmas with his family on the 20th and are staying for a week! 
I love Christmas time but its even better when you can lay out on the beach with your family :) 

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