Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy Puff Ball Ornaments

I know Christmas is right around the corner. 
I've been meaning to post this for a while but life got a way from me.

Here is another tutorial for some of my DIY under $5 decorations!

For this project I just wanted more contrast for our "mantel". 
I decided to create some yarn balls. 

First things first.
The only thing you need for these ornaments are scissors and yarn! 
1. Wrap the yarn around your palm about 100 times.
I typically don't count but just get it to cover almost my entire palm and let it bulge a little. 

2. Slide the yarn off your hand and 
3. place a cut piece of yarn under the wrapped yarn ball. 

4. Then tie the loose piece TIGHTLY around the wrapped yarn. 
(It will look like this)

5. Then take the scissors and cut the edges all the way around. 
This will create a ball that you can then trim to nearly whatever size you'd like!! 
Mine are about palm size. I didn't trim them too much, I liked the frayed puffiness. 

This is what I was planning on using as our mantel this year. 
I got a grapevine wreath for Fall and unwrapped it to stretch across the top. 
Covered a wire wreath with yarn to make the white one. 
And then the red and silver flowers are from the Dollar store!! 
I was looking for some cheap stockings to personalized but never found any that jumped out... 
Looks like stockings are going to be a project for next year! 

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