Thursday, September 13, 2012

Senior Studio: Sculpture

It is so weird to think that this coming May, I will be graduating with my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts).
In the art department being a senior gives you a bunch of freedom. 
But it takes a lot to get to that point. 
First, you must take 3 levels of what you intend to focus in. 
I've chosen to focus in sculpture. 
So over the past 2 years I have taken beginning, intermediate, and advanced sculpture. 
In these classes you learn the basic principles of sculpture. 
Tools, terms, processes, past/present artists, and how to give your work a meaning (context).

After you complete these courses, you then have to prepare for an interview. 
In the interview you must have 10 of your best works (not just in your focus)
and have an artist statement that talks about what you have learned, who has inspired you, and where you plan on going the next year. 

If you pass the interview you are an official senior!!
Luckily I passed mine :) 
Now that I am in senior studio I no longer have a class time to meet and I have no assignments from professors. I go in whenever I want and work on whatever I want. 
Sounds awesome right?!
Well thats what I thought, but now that I am in it, it has proven to be very difficult. 
I have my 5 week review coming up in about 2 weeks and I have yet to start a piece of work. 
I've been thinking but I haven't physically started work which makes everything harder. 

So, for my first project as a senior I am going to dissect a piece of furniture.
I haven't figured out what my fascination with furniture is.
I know it has something to do with the function and the assumptions that are associated with that known function. 
To better understand this and to answer some questions I have gone furniture shopping and found a few pieces that interest me and that I will hopefully be able to take completely apart!

I went to salvation army and got some awesome finds for this idea. 
First I got 2 bankers chairs. 
They are beautiful!
I don't really want to take them apart but that was my original intention and I don't have room in the house other wise. 

In the pictures you can see that one is already a little broken,
guess I got a head start :)
I chose these 1. because they are very aesthetically pleasing to me and 
2. They have hardware on them in addition to the wood. 
By taking this apart I will not only learn a lot of wood working practices but also the mechanics of rolling chairs!

And my other find was this pedestal table. 
Everyone knows I love tables. 
This one is pretty, but needs some help. 
It only cost $30 bucks and I'm going to take it apart anyways so I went ahead and got it. 

My thinking was the same with the chairs.
I can learn different wood working techniques and about different hardware because this table has the ability to pull out and insert a leaf . 

I think I will most likely take this apart first, but who knows!

Tomorrow I go in to talk with my professor about what he thinks and how to get started on dissecting these pieces. I have no idea where to start. 
I just hope I can get it done in 2 weeks!
I plan on documenting this process in great detail. 
Possibly even setting up a video camera to record the actual process. 

Who knows! 
I will keep you updated as it goes along!!


  1. What an awesome project. Congrats on being senior. I have a daughter at a university, too. She's enjoying the learning process.

    1. Hey Pamela, thanks for the comment! I'm so glad you're interested in my projects, hopefully this one will be done soon so I can share the finished product with everyone!!


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