Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where did the week go?!

Wholly molly, time is flying by!
I don't know what happened to last week, I don't know what I did?!
While trying to figure that out, I'm playing a lot of  catch up today. 
So, this post will be very random. 

Today I changed my name legally!! 
I now have Grace Langdon Lathrop printed on my Drivers license!!! 
I also found out that Lathrop is a lot harder to sign than Smith. 
Reed told me I needed to practice before I use it on my projects...

Now, this is what I'm about to start working on. 
My school schedule is oddly relaxed(As of right now).
 2 of my classes only meet once a week 
and another is kinda a free for all. 
My senior studio is just to work whenever I want. 
Obviously this sounds great but its hard to motivate yourself sometimes. 
I have a cool project that I'll share Thursday once I get it started. 

Butttt the one I'll share today is for a creative inquiries class that is basically a more in depth art history and philosophy. I've only met in class once but it is CRAZY material. So much of it goes over my head but I'm trying to scribble down as many notes as I can. 
For this class we are still creating art, not just reading and doing research. 
The professor has asked each of us to pick an object. 

I picked a mason jar. 
(I have tons of them around the house right now.) 

He then told us that we have to create a piece of art with that object 6 out of 7 days a week for the remainder of the semester.
If you are wondering how I'm going to create about 90 pieces of art with a mason jar. 
I'm wondering the same thing!
So last week I wasn't really in to the project. 
I did multiple little sketches 
and used the project as more of a materials investigation than anything. 

I did a typical graphite sketch.

A detail study using oil pastels. 

I then bought myself some better oil pastels because those sucked. 
And then did a sketch using those really focusing on the color and play of light. 
It looks like a 4 year old did it, but I like this one the best. 

I then moved the jar to a new setting and put it up against a black background with a white piece of paper under it. 
I wanted to see if the colors in the light changed. I used oil pastels again and it probably wasn't the best idea. i was trying to see ALL the color that was there, not just the black and white. 
I don't think I was successful. 

Thenn for my 5th piece I did another graphite sketch this from a different angle and included the shadow. I think I'm going to continue to look at how the shadow works through the glass. 

And finally I did a few rubbings from the jar. 
Easy and very kindergarten crafty but it was a start!!

Basically from the project we are supposed to learn how to create with out the fear and pressure of perfection. By creating artwork every day you begin to focus more on the idea and the learning aspect than of the finished product. Hopefully I will start taking this to heart because this mind set would be really helpful during senior studio!! 

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