Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I need to slow down!

Life is happening and leaving me behind!
I have a lot to play catch up with this week. 
And my body is exhausted from attempting to stay afloat. 
I'm beginning to think I need to step back a little and reevaluate my schedule. 
Between being a wife, work, and school. I don't have enough hours in the day to do all of them! 

All that said, here is a project I did a little while ago. 
I forgot to document it before I sent it,
BUT I got this picture of it once it was hung :) 

This was for a beach house in St. Simons Island, GA. 
They sent me an image of "their" sand dunes
and wanted me to do whatever I do as an artist :) 

I enjoyed sitting down for a day or two and busting this out. 
Hopefully I will get to do more soon, 
This is the kind of project that relaxes me!!

Look for updates later this week about
School, Etsy, and wedding photos!

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