Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Master Bedroom Revamp!

Back in January I mentioned that after 2 and a half years I finally decided to tackle our "master bedroom". It isn't really a master, its just got the better windows than the other bedroom, there is no on-suit or walk in closet. But hey, saying it's a master bedroom makes me feel a little grown up :)

Anyway,  I was finally ready to make this room be a place I enjoyed. We had moved furniture around multiple times and I had even painted the walls but I never attempted to make it look like anything special. With a few minor tweaks and a teeny tiny budget I was able to take our hodge-podge college-esque room and make it feel like adults live in it.

The first part of that revamp involved figuring out a space to put all of our clothes and shoes. Like I said before there is no walk-in closet so I have the one closet in the room, Reed has the one in the guest room and before we had a metal rod that Reed hung his work clothes on. Not so pretty.... 

These built-ins where a hassle because we didn't really plan super well, but they are a god send now!!  (Just check out this before picture... ugh horrible.)

After we got the built-ins in place I realized I needed a new bedside table. I just didn't have enough space between the bed and the built-ins. So this lovely galvanized tray turned hanging table was perrrfecct! 

Then I needed to make our furniture match. This dresser is one we've had since Reeds high-school days but it was kinda orange and didn't match the stain on the bed or the new built-ins. So I fixed that one lovely afternoon with a can of paint and stain :) Now it may possibly be my favorite piece of furniture in the house.

 Last but certainly not least, we got new bedding. I found this lovely ruffle quilt set online, to be honest it wasn't exactly what I wanted. It's more dingy than ivory, but hey it hides Tepes hair and dirty paws quite well :) And now I get to enjoy my room. All the little details fit, and it's a space I feel like belongs to the rest of our house.

It may not be a big room, it may not have a walk-in closet or on-suit, but it fits us well. It's a lovely "first" master bedroom. I'm sure it will be changed again before we leave this house but for now I'm extremely happy and so proud of us for finally finishing moving in after almost three years :)

 photo gracie-sig_zps2d86285f.jpg

PS> Check out these links for the posts on each one of the projects that completed this Master Bedroom Revamp! 

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  1. This turned out amazing. You know I loved that end table design you did...I love the shelf over the window so that the curtain goes behind it! brilliant! Hope you make it over tomorrow night 10pm eastern to join the party again!!


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