Friday, March 6, 2015

DIY Built-Ins - Master Bedroom Revamp Vol. 3

Y'all, this was the first project Reed and I tackled in 2015 and it took me this long to getting around to photographing it.... I don't understand why I couldn't get it going earlier, actually I do, it's called avoiding cleaning the room :) oops 

But all that aside, our master bedroom revamp is pretty much complete!! I still have a few details I'm working on but everything is in it's place and lookin lovely! This post is a semi tutorial on how we made these lovely built ins to hold some of Reeds clothes that don't fit in the closet. 

I started off with this fabulous design in my head of a wall of lovely white and dark stain built-ins with lovely high heels and cow boy boots displayed on the shelves. Then I realized how stupidly pricey that dream was... I was tryin to do this project for under $100. Crazy right. NOT! 

I purchased 4 bookcases from Home Depot Online and stacked them. This gave us the frame and shelving for most of our project. However, because we wanted to hang clothes in parts of this we needed the bookcases to be deeper. 

This means we just left the back off of the top bookcase, pulled it away from the wall, and secured the stacked pieces to the wall. We then had a gap between the wall and bookcase and just covered it with a strip of wood. This also allowed the pieces to look more cohesive instead of two stacked bookcases :) 

Next we built my favorite part of the entire system. The doors! We used the same thin board as the sides of the bookcases and cut them to cover the closet section of each bookcase. We stained them and added molding to trim out the doors and give them a more finished look. 

We thought we were done after that but then Reed moved in all his stuff and we realized he had WAY more clothes than we thought. So we added shelving to the his side of the built in system. Along with a shelf running under the window connecting the two units :) 

Then my favorite puppy in the entire world decided she wanted me to pay more attention to her instead of the built-in unit....

 As every good decorating addict knows it's all in the details. I had decided we needed some help organzing this open shelf system. I also have a love affair with galvanized metal. It's like my all time favorite thing. So I found these AMAZING laundry hampers at Ross Dress For Less for $18 each. I couldn't not get them... And I went to Tractor Supply to pick up the galvanized buckets that now hold our socks and undies :)

I can't get over how much better I feel in our bedroom now. I mean even though you can still see most of Reeds clothes, they have a place and usually he keeps them pretty neat. I thought about staging his clothes to look super organized and beautiful, but then I realized "wait, Reed works on a ranch his clothes will never be organized and beautiful" so I just decided to go with real life instead of faking it, hope y'all don't care :)

And those curtains (not totally done) I made them in about 15 minutes before my in-laws arrived. They are a $5 bed sheet and pom pom fringe. I'll be sharing those in a little while, ya know like when I get them on a real curtain rod... 

You don't even know how much better this room is compared to what it was. Like Reed and I decided to be grown ups and have a bedroom that looks like adults live in it. Sorry it wasn't really a great tutorial. I attempted to take pictures but realized that we didn't really know what we were doing so my tutorial would have been more of a "do as I say not as I do" kinda deal. 

Our master bedroom revamp is almost done!!
Check out these other 2 installments to see some of the progress :)
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Have y'all revamped a room in your house lately? If so I wanna hear about it!
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