Thursday, July 17, 2014

Party Pail Party Supplies - Beautiful Paper Decorations

Have y'all heard of the party supplier Party Pail? I hadn't heard about them until just a month ago when they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their products for my next party. Once I started clicking through their site I was amazed with all they offer! I created a long list of things that I wasn't expecting to receive but thought I should at least try :) 

Party Pail offers everything from party supplies (paper plates, cups, flatware, ect.) to any and every decor item for loads of different party themes! I knew for our 4th of July BBQ we needed something to give it a little oomph. I already had the paper products I found in Targets Dollar Spot so I was just looking for decorations. 

Party Pail hooked me up with 16" white and red paper fans that were super sturdy and took up a great amount of space above our food table. I also got LOADS of balloons, and red and white tissue balls. These types of party decorations make for a quick and easy way to make your party FEEL like a party! I was super pleased that I could set up everything in under an hour and it looks like we spent lots of time and money. Trust me, I loved the products, and already have a plan to work with them again for some of my seasonal decorations!  

I added a couple little things from the house, like this amazing blue table cloth we got as a wedding gift. We also picked up some festive flowers to add to the simple table scape. Plus I got a super awesome vintage Spiffy Insulated Jug with fun red white and blue stripes that held a yummy lemonade spritzer!

Plus, a new pup is always a great addition to any get together ;)

We knew it was gonna be a little roasty toasty out side but wanted to have an all day blow out Independence day celebration. So besides the festive decorations from Party Pail we decided to spice things up with a BRING YOUR OWN POOL PARTY! Yep you right, it was awesome. A couple people picked up some cheap baby pools and brought their beach chairs. For the rest of the day we soaked up the sun and cooled off with our feet in the pools. 

And you can't have a festive party with out wearing the right outfit! Reed and I went all out with American themed apparel. We had a blast with our party and I can't tell you how awesome it was wot work with Party Pail so go check them out and see what you can get for your next get together! 
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  1. love the party supplies they sent you to decorate with. I love how you mixed them with things you already had and already bought. the bring your own pool party looked like a lot of fun!


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