Tuesday, July 15, 2014

$4 DIY Floral Halo

Hey Peeps! Have y'all seen all of these stunning floral halos and head pieces that are popping up all over the photography world along with the music festival scene? I sure have and have always wondered how people have the patients and resources to make these stunning accessories. 

Well, I have been wanting some updated pictures of Reed and I so I was planning to take advantage of our blooming sunflower field and wanted to look all flower child :) I was planning to use real flowers found in the yard, and around the farm/ranch; but then I was roaming the isles of my local Dollar Store and found these pretty gorgeous faux flowers. So I figured why not spend $4 and just try it out! 

All you need to collect is the faux ivy and flowers of your choice. I picked up 3 different bouquets and didn't use all of them so you could probably get away with less.
Then wrap your ivy around your head, cut to length, and wire the ends together. 

Begin to twist your flower stems around your ivy halo. I believe the flowers look more natural when mixed in randomly together.

Really there is no rhyme or reason, simply keep adding your flowers until you are in love! to get the look of a super full flower halo keep your goodies up closer to the front that will leave you space to pin your halo in place on your head too. 

Here is a sneak peak of some of our pictures from the sunflower field. I think in the natural lighting the flower halo looks pretty real. I know it adds a beautiful oomph to our pictures. By coordinating the colors in my halo with the sunflowers and our outfits it also helps make the halo look natural when in reality they are totally cloth/plastic and cost me FOUR BUCKS!  

 Dollar Store for the win!

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