Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wishing For Spring!

This Wednesday has me wishing for warmer weather, hot sunshine, good books and long days. I can't wait to be outside to do everything. I mean if it's warm you better believe I will be out on my back porch when I'm reading, blogging, cuddling with the pup, but I mostly just hope I will be out in my studio making the coolest pieces ever! I just get so motivated when I'm warm and toasty :)

So in hopes of  that coming soon here are some finds from good ole ETSY that I'd love to have in time for the nice weather.

First up is this precious Vintage Camper Birdhouse by Jumahl. I mean, who doesn't want this?! I'm not a "bird watcher" and mostly we don't need to encourage birds to our yard because well, Tepe will torture them and you never know what Reed will want to do with them... He has a bad history with birds and pellet guns. But despite all that, I'm thinking this Camper Birdhouse will complete our eclectic mix of hanging goodies on our back porch!

Reed and I are talking about starting a garden. You would think with Reeds love of the outdoors and the fact that he works on a farm and a ranch that we would be totally on board with a garden. But I don't have a green thumb, so I think Reed knows lots of the work would be his... REGARDLESS, I would love this Set of Five Garden Markers by The Folk. I mean so cute!  I'm thinking even if we don't start a "garden I'm gonna grab these cuties to put in my window boxes, cause yes I will have some kind of pretty plant in our yard :)

Finally ready for visiting beaches!  This Cotton Peshtemal Beach Towel  by Loovee is 1. super cute 2. sounds like it is the ideal weight 3. It could double as a cover up! Ooooo just so cute! And even though I don't need a new beach towel, and I don't usually get in the water but I do love wrapping my self up in a good towel to take that long walk on the beach :)

Annnnd finallllyyyyyy I can't wait for a new bathing suit! This Sweet Flora Ruffle Top and High Waisted Bottom by Vendorstore is more of a "resort style" because it isn't super ideal for tanning. But shoot this is cute and I may go to a resort this summer... Who knows! I used to have a bad obsession with getting new bathing suits. But growing up kinda changed that, I can't just buy an entire new wardrobe of bathing suits any more... So I haven't gotten a new bathing suit in 2 summers. I'm thinking this one might be the one to break that tradition!!

Ooo this made me so anxious for summer! What item are you waiting to purchase for this upcoming fab weather???

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