Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Little Drummer Boy

My all time favorite Christmas Carol is The Little Drummer Boy. I mean, who doesn't like it?! It has like the most catchy beat to it and you get to sing a fun drum beat :) I found (what I think) is the best version of this song last week. It was a video going "viral" on my Facebook timeline. But boy I am so glad I chose to listen to this because it has been playing non-stop.

So here is the best version of The Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix.

Now that all of y'alls minds have been completely blown by that unreal musical talent I have another reason for talking about this song :)

I think, other than the pure awesome-ness of this song, that the reason this song has been on repeat for about a week is because it is how my heart feels. No I don't play the drums and I'm not a little boy. But I do understand the feeling of wanting to come before the Lord and give Him gifts that are worthy of His praise. Sadly, as humans our attempts at gifts will never really be worthy. It doesn't matter if they are gifts of frankincense, gold or myrrh they will never be better than the gift of eternal life that the little baby in a manger gave us.

I've been focusing on this a lot this season, I love giving gifts and want to show my friends how much I honor them. But with out having a steady income it is hard to feel like anything I can do is worthy. I know this is a earthly example but boy does that line "I have no gifts to bring" resinate. I want to give worthy gifts so badly.

So despite the fact that we are poor little humans that have no gifts worthy of the Lord on our own, I think we can learn a lot from the poor little drummer boy. He said he was poor, had no gifts, but asked to play his drum. He wanted to share his talent with the Lord and bless Him in the only way he knew how. I think this song embodies so much of what our attitudes should be all year long. We should be constantly wanting to bring gifts to the Lord. I think Mary would nod constantly if each of us offered up our God given talents in praise.

I hope that I have been able to do that. I may not have a job, or money to buy "worthy" gifts this season. However, God has blessed me with a creative mind and has given me the resources to share it with others! I'm not just talking about my art, or ETSY shop. I've had so much fun with this blog through out this Holiday season. I think he gave me this platform for a reason and I plan on playing it for Him as much as a can :)

Blogging, painting, or building may not be as catchy as playing the drum but I sure do think that it is a way I can praise, and honor the Lord. As long as I play my best for Him I am fully confident that He is smiling at me. 

Now go listen to the song again cause its awesome, but this time really listen to it. Listen to the boy that is giving the only gift he had all to honor the little baby boy that would save the world.
Come, they told me, pa rum pa pum pum
A newborn King to see, pa rum pa pum pum
Our finest gifts we bring, pa rum pa pum pum
To lay before the King, pa rum pa pum pum, 
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum
So to honor Him, pa rum pa pum pum
When we come

Little baby, pa rum pa pum pum
I am a poor boy too, pa rum pa pum pum
I have no gift to bring, pa rum pa pum pum
That's fit to give our King, pa rum pa pum pum, 
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum
Shall I play for You, pa rum pa pum pum

Mary nodded, pa rum pa pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time, pa rum pa pum pum
I played my drum for Him, pa rum pa pum pum
I played my best for Him, pa rum pa pum pum, 
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum
Then He smiled at me, pa rum pa pum pum
Me and my drum
When we come

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  1. Visiting from the link up! I loved this post, it really made me think about my person gifts and also the gifts I've been making to give to friends. Like you I don't have a steady job at the moment so speeding a lot of money on gifts is totally out of the question so I've been DIYing it but I worry that it won't be good enough. Thanks for sharing this post, it was exactly what I needed to read this morning!

    1. Donna I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post! this season is hard, but is so beautiful when you stop thinking about the material things and think about how to honor Him and your friends and family :)

  2. Yep, mind blown. Pentatonix has been my favorite since The Sing Off began...but I really love your post. How humble the little drummer boy is bringing his talent to The Lord. I am an artist too, and could totally relate to your post in desiring to use our God given talents to give back to The Lord. Also what is your Etsy shop? I would love to check it out and I'm not sure if I'm just blind but didn't seem to find it on your sidebar! (P.S. Found your blog through the TGBTL linkup!)

    1. Eva, I am so glad you came over! My Etsy link is up at the top under my main header image :) And I just added you to my circles on google+!! I love meeting other artists and hope we can get to know each other a little!

    2. Oh my word! I feel like an idiot! How in the world did I not see your Shop link in your header. I really must be blind! Haha! I guess that's why my husband always tells me I don't look hard enough for things! Added you back on Google+ and would love to get to know you, too! And how fun are your serving trays!! Love!

  3. This was BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for this great reminder to serve the Lord with what we've got!! Thanks for linking up with us this week!!

  4. Beautifully written! I had already seen that video and I really love how you used this post as a reminder to us that we should constantly be giving gifts to the Lord through our lives! Love this post!! Glad you joined us at the link up!


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