Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Recent Creations!

I've been sharing a lot of ooey gooey stuff lately so I decided to share some projects instead :) 
I haven't done anything to the house or the studio but have some BIG plans that will hopefully start rolling this week. I'll keep ya updated. 

So here are a few projects that I did for my aunt. She commissioned both of them, one for a gift and the other is a donation to a church fundraising auction. 
The sign below is for the church. It's a solid piece of pine shelving with wire on the back for hanging. 

 This is the other project she commissioned. It is a refurbish of an old desk she found and wanted re done for her grand-babies. 

they are Clemson fans too so she let me have free reign on the design. I know Clemsons colors are technically orange and purple but navy is often used in place of purple. So to keep it a cleaner design we went with navy with a white and orange racing stripe. And added little details like tiger eyes peaking over the desk, and a fun font with the paw on the back. 

And I did some other work for a friend on ETSY. She wanted a small portrait of her fur baby for the office. So these are 8x10 canvases for her and a friend. 

Finally I did some other tin signs. The Texas A&M sign I did specifically for Kelley from The Grant Life and the other was for another client on etsy. Both were complete custom commissions both for new friends that I've found through the awesome world of the internet :)

 These are just some of the projects I've been working with lately. I've loved the amount of time I've had to do these kinds of projects and I'm looking forward to adding more to my schedule!! 
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  1. Although we are die hard Gamecock fans, I have to admit the Clemson desk is stinkin' cute! So happy to find another blogger from SC. Found you through The Happy Housie Linky Party.

    I'd love for you to hop over to my blog:

    1. Ashley I LOVE finding SC bloggers! I grew up in Columbia so I'm used to USC fans, my dad and brothers are both USC fans despite the fact that my sister and I went to clemson!! I've done lots for both team so be sure to check it out :) Heading over to your blog now and am looking forward to getting to know my fellow South Carolinian!!


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