Friday, July 5, 2013

Out in the boondocks

Heres the deal, WE MOVED :)
Reed was offered a dream job at Flying King Ranch in York, SC. He will be one of 2 landmanagers on the 4,600 acre ranch/farm. As of right now he has been at work for a full 2 weeks and is totally in love. It all happened quick enough that I am still looking to find something for me. I've got a few things brewing but haven't totally locked anything in place yet. 

So for the past 2 and half weeks we have become the newest residence of York. I've been staying home trying to make our new house a home. It is coming together and I've done a lot already but I needed to share some BEFORE pictures. These are all of the house when we visited so I could see where we agreed to move before actually moving in.

First thing: we are in the BOONDOCKS! I grew up on a dirt road but we were still relatively close to everything. I've found that the nearest craft store is 45minutes from our house now... We also had a hard time getting any kind of internet or TV out here. 

So this is the front of the house. You drive up a dirt road and our house is on the left with lots of lovely trees all around. The house had been used as the "hunting lodge" for the ranches hunt club members so as far as updates it was pretty far behind. 

OO, bad picture... Sorry these are from my phone. I didn't have my big camera with me at the time.
This is the kitchen. It is a pretty large space just not the best layout, or lighting.
Before we moved in the kitchen had 1 wall of cabinets and counter top with the washer and dryer and water heater added in. The fridge was facing the back door in the center of a wall, all alone. It was a bizarre use of  a pretty large space.  This is the room that has changed the most! And it is finished so I will share with you guys later this week :) 

Annnnd next is the bathroom. MUCH larger than our last bathroom and tons of storage. So nice compared to what we came from. It still needed updating to the vanity, and lighting.
Also, the vanity is so close to the tub that if you step back you will fall in. I did this the first week we moved in. 

Bedroom #1: is similar in size to our last room which is small.
BUT the windows are giant and let in so much amazing light. I've chosen this room as my studio/guestroom. The updates that I'm making are totally more studio oriented but we figured we wouldn't have too many guests soooo I took over :)  

Bedroom #2 is a nice size. This is what we have claimed as our room. I love having space. Our bed is no longer shoved up against the wall!!! 

Living room. Again, these windows are beautiful! We also have an awesome working fireplace that we are going to use all the time in the winter :) 

And an awesome antique door! 

So much has changed to this house. I am really liking all the little touches we have been able to add to make it our own. Can not wait to share some of my finish projects so I will posting more soon!


  1. So glad to hear from you since the move...wondered how it was going! Can't wait to see the updated have so much more room to work with now and the kitchen is huge compared to your last house! Have fun! And good luck with your new ventures! ;-) Ruth Ellen

  2. I love these updates! I'm excited to see all that's coming in the future

  3. How are you liking South Carolina? My husband spent most of his life in Charleston, SC -- and we've been there a few times. I could easily live there -- it's so pretty.

    1. I was born and raised in South Carolina and can't imagine being any place else :) My husband and I both have family in Charleston but grew up in Columbia, then moved to the upstate for school and have now landed near the North Carolina line. Charleston is a magical place and it would be a dream come true to end up there one day!


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