Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boondocks Living-room Reveal

And finally the reveal of the living room! It was actually finished before the kitchen, I was just trying to figure out this one little thing before I posted about it. But I still haven't done it and I figured at this point its gonna be a good while before I get to it so, what the heck heres the living room (mostly finished).  I know I've said this before but check out those windows! The light is unreal in this room I can't get over the windows in the house, my favorite feature for sure. The only down side in this room is the window unit, it does work but I can't help but be wayyyyyy to excited for a house with central heat and air. A girl can dream. 

The second thing I love is the sofa. Its the same amazing pull out we've had but I was really tired of how narrow it was. It was hard to get comfortable on, I think a sofa only deserves the title if it is big enough for you to sit on cross legged and cuddled in to the corner. So to fix the problem I took off the back two cushions and added a bunch of $2 pillows I found at one of the local stores. This adds so much more depth and LOTS of color :) 

And directly across is our awesome fireplace! Well not right across because this house is wonky. Nothing in this house is level, scare, even, or centered, nothing. The hardest part of setting up the room was figuring out how to place the furniture because the fireplace is centered on the wall but the opposite wall is the glorious windows. Some how the windows and fire place don't line up. So if you center the sofa on the fire place its to the left of the windows and if you center the sofa on the windows the fireplace is off centered. Its bizarre. But I'm so thankful to have a fireplace, I grew up with one and loved it. And it gives me a great place to put more decorations :) 

Annnnnnd now its that awesome door. This house is full of beautiful antique doors. It even has outdoor doors on the closets, quirky but adds lots of character :) And finally you can see the big ugly unfinished part of the living room... that chair. It is one of the biggest love hate relationships ever. It is the most comfortable chair but that fabric sticks out like a soar thumb from the rest of the room. I've done so much research on ways to cover it, but they all require money and I just don't have it right now. So I've resorted to an old quilt thrown over it. Eventually I want to make a slip cover from a drop cloth and maybe dye it some fun bright color. I was thinking Red but who knows, I'll probably change my mind when I actually get to that point. 

Annnd the TV corner, same as ever. We've got that raccoon and duck right where they belong.
annnnnnd Look at the beautiful floors, golden and sunny :) Pretty scratched but thats ok, I've got some stuff to put on it and see if it makes it glow a little more. But look at that rug! Reed spoiled me with this rug, we found it at the Marshalls/ Homegoods  in Greenville. It is a rag rug that has every color ever in it, and it pulls in everything through out the room and found an awesome connection point for my random collections. 


So I basically love our living room. It is so bright and looks like a little more "grown up" version of my bright style. And to please Reed I've included more of his stuff and have some how managed to fit 5 of his animals in this one room. I think thats pretty impressive. Now I just have to find homes for the 4 other animals that are currently sitting in boxes in my craft room... He needs a hunting trophy room asap!

And I just wanted to share these stunning photos of the ranch. Reed has helped with food plots on the land and one of them is this beautiful sunflower field. He took me up there the other night to show me how much they have grown with all the rain we have gotten. Sunflower fields are gorgeous, these are the moments that I wish I had a professional photographer follow me around and capture moments of our life. I'm thinking about taking some online photography classes, if y'all have any suggestions let me know. 

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