Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tote Bag giveaway

Hey guys so I thought to get back on track I would do a giveaway! I haven't done one in ages but thought that maybe it would get you guys excited for my return to the blog world!! 

First, Tepe is ridiculous. It was beautiful outside today and all she wanted to do was be in side watching me paint. Most of the time she was sitting on my feet but I think she got hot and had to cool down for this picture :) 

Back to the task at hand :)
Here are some of the other things have recently added to the store so go check them out!! 

Link to the shop: https: Etsy Shop

I've added some illustrations to the shop, just little doodles that I enjoy and some of my favorite quotes :) These things are fun to bust out and so relaxing to make! 

And here are the tote bags that I'm trying out! In the giveaway you can win either one the winner gets to pick! These are tan canvas tote bags measuring 13.5 in x 13.5in x 3.5 in. They aren't the biggest but would be perfect to carry a few books with you or to take with you down to the beach or pool. And don't forget the end of the year is coming up so your gonna be needing teacher and grad gifts! If you like one of these or have an idea for a personalized one let me know, I'd be happy to work with you! 

The giveaway will be open until Wednesday of next week (Wednesday the 22nd) and the package should be sent out by Friday the 24th. 

This post was written on my phone, and the images are off of my phone. So I'm sorry if the quality isn't too hot. 
But good luck and don't forget to share! 


  1. Love the bright, vivid colors; especially like the flower totes! great job!

  2. I think all these are absolutely gorgeous! I love the quote on the tote bag about being noisy, colorful, & lively because it's so true!


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