Monday, May 20, 2013


My life is changing at a rapid pace!
I'm sure everyones life is changing. I think our lives are a lot like the earth. They are moving, changing, and evolving every second of every day. It just takes us a minute to realize it sometimes, while other times it seems like its the only thing we can think about.

Recently, I've taken some big steps (or leaps). Not only has it been less than a year since our marriage, but Reed and I BOTH just received our Bachelors degrees. So now we are BOTH on the hunt for what our future looks like. While I truly believe I've been blessed with a calm spirit right now I'm slowly feeling the world starting to spin again. All of these unknowns are catching up to me and I'm beginning to get dizzy!

I don't know what the future holds for us. But I do know that God knows and there is a reason he brought Reed and I together when He did. One of my favorite verses ever is Luke 12: 27-28 it talks about how God has made the wild flowers beautiful and how they don't have to worry because they know he provides. I think that is a beautiful illustration for how we as believers should live our lives, and its what I'm trying to do now!
With all that we have changing, I'm beginning to worry. Not a ton, but its there. In the pit of my stomach I feel the heaviness and I feel the questions bubbling up inside me. I'm working on not worrying and trusting but I'm human so its kinda difficult :)

So, while I'm figuring all of this out I would like to ask ALL OF YOU for a favor. I love posting on here. And I know that I have people that read on a regular bases. Would you be honest, and I want brutal honesty. I want to hear anything and everything because I need to figure out where this is going. So, PLEASE share with me what you like, love, or not so much like about my blog. I want it to be something that can grow and change along with my life while being relevant to the readers.  I feel  like (actually, i know) recently it has been a little lacking in anything crafty or creative. But when I tried this giveaway to jump start that part of the blog again I didn't get a ton of interest.
Just humor me and leave me a comment explaining what is on your mind when my blog pops up on your newsfeed, phone, or whatever.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your always moving life to sit, and read my thoughts. It really does me so much to me!

And while I'm hear, dont for get about the giveaway!
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  1. I love all the creative things you come up with. (Congrats on your 1 year anniversary and for your graduations with your Bachelor's degrees!)
    So glad you shared Luke 12:27-28; that is a beautiful verse. When I see something new from you on my facebook notifications, i love to go immediately to your blog and check it out!


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