Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Baby Tepe

I feel like I've talked a lot about our new puppy, Tepe. 
But she is just so cute and cuddly!

She is 18 weeks old and already 25lbs! She is growing up so fast and I DO NOT LIKE IT :) 
But, she still likes to cuddle and thinks that she should always be touching someone. 
Yesterday we had to take her to get spayed. 
I was a total nervous wreck and just didn't want to admit that my little Tepe is growing up!
So basically I went down memory lane and looked at every picture and video we have of her from the first day we got her, January 8th. 

And now I'm gonna share some of my favorites with you! 
(if you follow me on instagram then you have probably seen a few of these before)
Also, please excuse the quality. Most of these are taken with my phone.

Day 1! Just leaving the shelter in Liberty, still nameless at this point :) 

Finally home and needed a bath.
Aren't those eye just killer?!

Yes, she is on our counter top. Don't judge, I cleaned it super good after. I just wanted some light from the window. We were having a photo shoot with her new collars :) 
You can see the post about the hand made collars from Etsy HERE

more beautiful eyes :)

Here is a series of photos I like to call "Tepe getting comfortable" 

When she was little she did not like her crate. We would try to get her to go in with food and everything but she would hang her little bitty legs out. 
Yes she fell asleep like that. 

Tepe doesn't like to sit on the floor. She will find anything to sit on as long as its not the floor. 

Laundry basket. 

Bar Stool

Reeds hunting bag

And her favorite. 

And this is Tepe in the car. 
She LOVES the car, one day we left the door open and she just sat in the passenger seat for an hour :) 

 She thinks she can drive. 

And always wants to be close to the driver. 

But then passes out in the back seat. 

These are from yeasterday after her surgery. She had us both so worried. 
She got sick twice once we got her home and was so not interested in anything related to food. 
She just looked so out of it :( 

And then this morning after LOTS of sleep she was ready to roll :) 

 This is our most recent family portrait. All cuddled up on the sofa watchin TV. 
No we didn't pose her she did that all on her own :) 

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