Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everything! Ranging from Tepe, palm fronds and coolers

Goodness today was so productive! 
I've finished projects that I've had from back in the fall! 
The only thing I didn't really do was take good pictures... oops :) 

First thing first. This is the longest project I've ever had. And its my fault I've just sat around and put other projects before them. I hope that these are what the clients wanted, they kinda let me do whatever. 

These are painted on Palm Fronds. The friends I was painting these for brought these to me a while back. She found them down near the beach. I think they are planning to hang these above or near the door, so I tried to do a few different orientations. 

this is another little canvas that I did for another friend here in Clemson. 
She has had these done for each of her grandchildren with just a few changes. 
This is the first that I've done for her and hope that it matches the others well enough to work! 

Annnnd finally I've gotten the chance to paint a cooler for one of Reeds buddies up here at school. 
He called last week and asked if I could do a little work on his cooler for spring break. 
He wanted the the Patagonia symbol in the front. 

And then finished out either side with a orange golf bag and the other with a Clemson bow tie. 
I think it was really fun to add those little bits to finish of the sides :) 

Annnnnd finally the top is the famous Tillman Hall along with the saying
"A Clemson man needs no introduction". 

Today was great :)
I love working on little projects, not only are they fun but they are so great to motivate.
 Literally it feels so great to finish something, sometimes it takes me wayyyyy to long. 
But this always makes me feel better about finishing school stuff, 
I have 10 week review coming up March 28th. 
So be looking for some funky furniture school projects in the future. 

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