Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chicken Bombs!

I've realized that one of my favorite parts about getting married is cooking dinner. 
And really it's one of the only times that I feel semi grown up. 
Talking with Reed through out the day about thawing out chicken or what we should pick up from the store is lame but its a fun reminder that I get to come home to him each night. 

Usually I cook, unless its something Reed has "harvested" or involves the grill. 
But, for this recipe Reed got it from a friend and was ready before I got home. 
They sounded interesting so I thought I would share with you :)

Ready or not, here is the 

All you need is a few 
Chicken breasts
 cream cheese
 shredded cheese
and jalapeños.

Yep, Reed is very comfortable in the Kitchen. 
He cooks for me all the time, my favorite is when he cooks breakfast. 
mmm mmm good! 

Step 1: Slice and de-seed the jalapeños peppers. 

On a side note, this is how Tepe helps in the kitchen. 
She always has to be touching someone, so since I was standing still taking pictures I became her seat. 

Step 2: Mix the cream cheese & shredded cheese
Step 3: Spoon the cheese mix in to the jalapeño slices. 

Step 4: Slice the chicken breasts and place the jalapeños in the center and recover.

Step 5: Wrap the chicken breasts with BACON  and season to taste. 

Step 6: smother in your fav. BBQ sauce. 
This step and step 5 are kinda optional, just do it as you wish :)  

And I made veggies for  the sides :) 
What you will need is:
Red potatoes
yellow squash 
olive oil 

Step 1: Slice each veggie up  

Step 2: Place the veggie slices on a baking sheet  and cover in olive oil then sprinkle with your favorite seasoning.
 The one we use the most around the teeny tiny house is CAVENDERS. 

When I was slicing the veggies one fell on the floor and Tepe tried to eat it. 
This was her response. 
We decided she must not like vegetables. 

The final step for each:
Bake the veggies for about 20- 30 minutes at 350. You can flip them half way if you like. 
And for the chicken put them on the grill until cooked fully through! 
I think it took Reed about 15 minutes? 
(I could be totally wrong about that, I never grill)

And here is the juicy inside of the fabulous 
Chicken bomb! 

This was SUCH a fabulous dinner. 
Like I said earlier, I love cooking for Reed. It is one of my favorite parts about being married. 
We eat a lot of chicken, and casseroles. 
But I'm learning and love going through our recipes from family and friends to find something new to impress my man with :) 

Hope y'all try these and like them as much as we did!! 

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