Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Etsy Holidays

I've been gone for about a week and I may be pretty distant this week also. 
November went by way to fast and now I am attempting to catch up. 
Which means a lot of my projects are going to be put on hold until I finish up a little bit of school. 

But I thought I would share some of the fun stuff I have found on Etsy lately. 

For those of you who don't know Etsy is a place where collectors and artists can share their passion. 
Everything that is listed is either vintage or handmade! 
Anyone can open a shop to sell their goods and I decided to join about a year ago. 

I love using Etsy it is so easy to sell through and is super fun to shop. 
I thought I would share some of my goodies from the shop 
and some of the fun things I've found while looking for Christmas gifts! 

I'll start off with some of the little treasures I've found recently. 

First: I got my mom a camera bag from Robyn at Porteen Gear and it is BEAUTIFUL! 
I don't have a picture of my moms bag but Robyn does custom camera bags, straps, totes and more. 
The tote that she made for my mom is a beautiful acid wash cowhide camera bag that was customized for her camera gear. Robyn is so easy to work with and is helping me with a few other Christmas goodies this season, and has even pitched in for one of my own projects :) 

Second: These faux lace thigh high tights are beautiful. (Hint hint Reed these would be a fun christmas gift). I just think the Norwegianwood shop has so many beautiful clothes and accessories. Its more than I am willing to spend on myself but one day I hope I can get some of these leggings :) 

Third: The shop Sweet Things by MaraMay has so many cute decorations. 
These are things that I wish I could make on my own but I'm not patient enough to sit down and make them. I love this paper garland, I am going to try and order it for my burlap Christmas tree! 

There are so many other shops I would love to share with you but I just don't have enough time, and I don't want to spoil some of the Christmas gifts that I've already purchased. 
I will do another post like this after Christmas so I can share all of those goodies :) 

Now here are a few of my projects that are proving to be pretty popular for Christmas!! 

The hand-painted scarves are flying out! 
I love making them and I had no idea that they would get so popular. 
You can customize the scarf with a verse, quote, dates, lyrics or whatever you want! 
Check them out here: Scarves
(I need to take some better pictures... I'll get on that my next break from school)

The second holiday goodie that I've got in my shop is a set of Christmas dishes!! 
They are beautiful white ceramic plate and coffee mug that each have a gold ring around the rim. 
I can customize them however you want or you can order one of the sayings I have pre-made,
1. "For Santa" with a "from" tag and your child/children's names
With an "Enjoy" mug

2. "A Taste of Christmas" plate and a mug of "good cheer" 

These are just a few of my projects from my etsy shop
Please stop by and let me help you get ready for this Holiday season :) 

PS> I know this was a post about sales and what not, I've got a lot going on and will be sharing it with you soon! I just need some time to get caught up on life and to digest everything before I share it with the world!! 
I hope everyone of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are enjoying preparing for Christmas! 

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