Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mason Jar Art

This semester I am taking an art philosophy class. 
Each week we are given an article to read and take notes and then discuss it during class. 
It is really an interesting class and most of the time it takes me a few days to comprehend what we discussed! The class has a pretty good mixture of undergrads and grad students which gives us lots of views and insights in to each topic. 

Not only do we discuss articles but we have also been given a semester long assignment. 
Make art 6 days a week based off of a single object. 
I've shared some of my work with you before but I didn't really explain it very well. 
Basically, we were told to pick an object before we knew the assignment so all of our objects are VERY different. 
I chose an old mason jar. 
(Hense the title of the post).

So, this is about to be the 5th week that I have made art based off of a mason jar. 
that should add up to about 30 pieces of work. 
I've come up with some kind of a system. 
Each week I fill it with something
cover it in something
draw it sitting on my kitchen table with oil pastels.

Here are some of my examples of mason jar art! Hope you enjoy!!
(This isn't every thing I have, I'll have to scan in my drawings. )

This project really is awesome.
As an art student we are constantly asked to be creative and to push the limits.
Each project demands new ideas with good craft to back the ideas up.
Not only is this time intensive but it is mentally exhausting!
Some times I just want to make something because I think it sounds cool, or looks pretty!!
That is exactly what this project is for.
This semester I am allowed to take a mason jar and make art with it.
That is the only requirement.
It doesn't have to be perfect because there is no final critique.
If I don't like my result I can try again next week.
There doesn't have to be a heavily loaded concept.
We can make decisions based solely on experimentation or looks!

Basically, this project is ment to remind us how much fun it is to be creative!

I'll keep you updated on my mason jar art every few weeks!
Hopefully something cool will come out of it!

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