Tuesday, September 4, 2012

House tour #2

Soooo here is our second room tour! 
I'm so excited to share this with yall. It isn't that special but is part of our new little home. 
I think I'm gonna change it up soon. 
But that can be another post. 

This is a photo that I've shared before
these pillows were given as a gift from my boss at The Fizz
She had them personalized just for us and they match the bed PERFECTLY!

These are some shots of our tiny room. I'm standing back as far as I can to get these pictures. 
Our room is tiny. When you walk in you almost run directly in to the bed. 
There is only enough room to walk around the bed and is pushed up against one wall. 
So tiny tiny tiny! 
Above our bed is the canvas wall hanging that I talked about earlier. 
It has our vows and reminds us of what we promised each other on August 4th 2012. 

At the foot of our bed is Reeds armoire. 
He has all of his "decor" on that side of the room. 

The buck scull mount was one that Reed harvested last year with my brother in Columbia. 
The squirrel mount is one that is apparently really rare. I'm not sure of all the details on that.
The butterflies are some that Reed has collected over multiple years. They are from ALL OVER. I think some are even from Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras! 
He had a bunch of these cases full of his insects but during the move a few got destroyed by other bugs... 
And then there is our engagement pictures in our honeymoon jar.
I know we didn't put sand in it. 
So I'm gonna change it to our first house jar. And take some dirt from the yard and fill it up
and then add pictures of us through the year in our new home! 

Then this is our bedside table. 
The one the door almost hits when you come in...
Thats the bible we used as a guest book.
We try to read together every night, it has been really fun finding the random notes from our wedding!
And the picture on the left is of the chest of drawers across from the bed. 
The fabulous mirror was given to us by Reeds Aunt Becky and we LOVE IT! 
I can't wait until we have a place to put it where everyone can enjoy it. 

And the detail of our junk in front of the mirror. 
Reed has gum, 3 knives and 2 watches... 
I will never understand why he needs multiples. 
Well, I guess I take that back. 
My side is covered with earrings. 
Yes I have a lot but they all have a story!
A few of those Reed made me, most of them have been gifts from either Reed, my mom, or my mother in law. And most of the others are from Nicaragua! 
I don't know if you can see them or not, but the 2 moon earrings that are sitting on the frame 
where graduation gifts from a teacher in high school. 
I was with her all 4 years doing student government work and we got pretty close. 
She got me these from an art show out in California. 
I've never been able to wear them, but thats not the point.
They are pieces of art and I hope I can display them better some day soon! 

So, that is our tiny bedroom. 
But its good enough for us! 
Like I said, I will probably move some stuff around meaning there will be another bedroom house tour but thats ok! I'm sure yall are tooootallly interested in my life, right?:) 

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  1. So adorable!! So happy to be swapping with you. I just re-vamped the blog, check back sometime :)



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